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  Menodorus   of Tralles - priest of Zeus, killed by Domitius
40/14a Domitius kills Menodorus of Tralles, accusing him of causing disaffec

  Menodorus   - in documents
OGIS_238 (3rd or 2nd cent.)   icated this statue of Menodoros of Adramyttion, so
OGIS_59 (163)   Pyth... Zenon Menodoros Anaxion Apollonios son of M
RC_58 (163-160)   good health. Menodoros, whom you sent to me, gave
RC_59 (163-160)   good health. Menodoros gave me your letter in which
Syll_322 ukrates Antigonos son of Menodoros Antiochos son of An
THI_112 (c. 170)   ce Herodotos son of Menodoros and Menekles son of D
THI_61.D (173-169)   Synnada, the son of Menodoros pankration, Pythian b

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