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  Menches   - village scribe of Cerceosiris, Egypt, in the later 2nd century B.C.
119/3 PTeb_9, an application by Menches for re-appointment.
119/8 10, a letter from Asclepiades confirming the appointment of Menches.
119/11 PTeb_11, a receipt from Menches to Dorion.
118/8 PTeb_12, letters from Menches to Herodes and Ammonius.
118/12 PTeb_43, a petition from Menches and Polemon.
114/3 PTeb_19, a letter from Polemon to Menches.
114/4 PTeb_44, a petition to Menches from Haryotes.
114/5 PTeb_17, another letter from Polemon to Menches.
114/8 PTeb_13, a letter from Menches to Ptolemy (? the strategus).
114/10 PTeb_15, two letters from Menches to Horus.
114/11 PTeb_16, another letter from Menches to Horus.
114/13 PTeb_18, a letter from Polemon to Menches.
114/14 PTeb_14, a letter from Menches to Horus.
114/16 PTeb_39, a petition from Apollodorus to Menches.
114/17 PTeb_23, a letter from Marres to Menches.
113/2 PTeb_38, a report from Menches to Horus.
113/3 PTeb_20, a letter from Polemon to Menches.
113/6 PTeb_48, a petition from Horus to Menches.
113/11 45, 46, and 47, petitions to Menches concerning an attack by Pyrrhicu
113/17 PTeb_49, a petition from Apollophanes to Menches.
112/13 PTeb_22, a letter from Taos to Menches.
112/14 PTeb_107, a lease of land from Ptolemy to Menches.
111/8 PTeb_50, a petition from Pasis to Menches.

  Menches   - in documents
SelPap_1.63 outh the house of Teres son of Menches, on the north
SelPap_1.73 of Nearchus also called Menches, to Anubion son of Se

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