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  Memphis   - a city in Lower Egypt
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  + Anch-Tawi
320/12 suffer heavy casualties while trying to cross the Nile near Memphis.
169/23 inst his brother, and sets up a rival seat of government at Memphis.
111/8a OGIS_737, a decree of the Idumaean community in Memphis.
88/59 town of Pathyris, announcing that Ptolemy Soter is at Memphis.
76/31a is appointed high priest of Memphis, and presides at the formal cor
    Within translations:
ChronPasc_420 led Chettus, the port of Memphis Alexandria in Egypt Alexa
Diod_33.13 ptians, was enthroned at Memphis, his queen Cleopatra was
Diod_33.28b ere they sailed to Memphis, and took notice of the goodnes
Euseb]:Chron_* 135-143 * hem, 30 kings from Memphis [ruled] for 1,790 years; and
Euseb]:Chron_151 alitis; he also lived at Memphis, and he made both the upp
THI_17 (217)   s throughout Egypt to Memphis, at the time when he
THI_19 (185/4)   t, coming together at Memphis for installation of
THI_2 (42)   g in the sanctuary of Ankh-Tawi, the mysterious p
THI_3 (41)   ice of you Priest of Memphis should be conferred
Joseph:AJ_12.170 king Ptolemy was at Memphis, be went up thither to
Joseph:AJ_12.243 came to the places about Memphis; and when he had taken
Joseph:AJ_14.132 hen the Jews about Memphis heard that these Jews were come
Joseph:BJ_01.190 even the people about Memphis would not fight against
Polyaen_04.19.1 down to the river opposite Memphis, with intention to cross
Polyaen_07.3.1 with whom he advanced against Memphis. Psammetichus defea
Polyaen_07.11.7 desert and arrived at Memphis, at the very time when
Porph:Fr_49a his friend, went up to Memphis where he was proclaimed
PsCallisth_1.34 when he came to Memphis, they enthroned him in the holy
PsCallisth_3.34 near Amazonis. It is called Memphis. Send word . . .

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