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  Masinissa   - king of Numidia, 205-148 B.C.
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  + Masannasa
239/25 The birth of Masinissa, son of Gala.
207/21 The death of Gala, who is officially succeeded by his son Masinissa.
206/15 Masinissa deserts to the Romans.
205/4 Masinissa recovers his father's kingdom.
205/16 Syphax defeats Masinissa and drives him out of his kingdom.
204/26 Scipio moves a short distance inland, and is joined by Masinissa.
203/6 returns territory which had been captured by Masinissa to Carthage.
203/7 Laelius and Masinissa defeat and capture Syphax.
203/8 Masinissa persuades Sophonisba to commit suicide.
203/15 Laelius arrives at Rome with Syphax, and envoys from Masinissa.
200/11 send an embassy to Carthage, Masinissa, and Vermina the son of Syphax
193/14 Masinissa invades Emporia, and the Carthaginians appeal to Rome.
182/15 dispute between Carthage and Masinissa, but do not reach a decision.
172/8 Carthaginian embassy accuses Masinissa of seizing Carthaginian territ
171/23 Gulussa the son of Masinissa and a Carthaginian embassy make more acc
170/18 senate, from Carthage and Masinissa, from Alpine states complainin
168/52 hus, Ptolemy, Eumenes and Masinissa, and from Pisa and Luna, appea
162/11 Masinissa attempts to seize Lower Syrtis from the Carthaginians, and
157/12 senate sends an embassy to arbitrate between Masinissa and Carthage.
153/13 oman commission is sent to arbitrate between Masinissa and Carthage.
153/16 son called Methimannus is born to Masinissa, who is 86 years old.
151/11 ica with Gulussa, the son of Masinissa, and reports on Carthaginian
151/16 The Carthaginians expel Masinissa's supporters.
150/1 Hasdrubal marches against Masinissa.
150/3 battle between Masinissa and the Carthaginians.
150/5 Masinissa forces the Carthaginian army to surrender.
150/14 thaginians send an embassy to defend their action against Masinissa.
148/6 Masinissa returns some huge tusks which were stolen from a temple in
148/7 M.Marcellus dies in a shipwreck while travelling to visit Masinissa.
148/8 omments on the long reign of Masinissa, his physical toughness and
148/9 ssa; Scipio divides the kingdom of Numidia between Masinissa's sons.
148/9 The death of Masinissa; Scipio divides the kingdom of Numidia between
148/26 Hasdrubal, grandson of Masinissa, is murdered at Carthage.
    Within translations:
Athen_12.518 men like them, to whom Masinissa, king of Mauritania,
Diod_34.35 Micipsa, son of Masinissa king of Numidia, had many chi
Just_33.1 lled for assistance from Masinissa, king of Numidia, and
Just_38.6 by them than those of Masinissa, king of Numidia; to
Lucian:Macr_17 ty-six years. [17] Masinissa, king of the Moors, lived
Syll_652 (shortly before 167)   s statue of king Masannasa, son of king Gaia,

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