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  Mamertines   - a group of mercenaries, who occupied Messana in Sicily
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288/3 Agathocles enlists the Mamertines as mercenaries.
288/20 The Mamertines agree to leave Syracuse, but afterwards seize the city
278/19 The Mamertines make an alliance with the Carthaginians and try to sto
277/14 Pyrrhus defeats the Mamertines.
274/15 Hieron is defeated by the Mamertines.
269/13a ieron captures Halaesa and several other cities from the Mamertines.
269/14 Hieron defeats the Mamertines by the river Longanus.
269/15 haginian general Hannibal persuades the Mamertines not to surrender.
    Within translations:
Oros_4.7   auxiliaries to help the Mamertines in their struggle against
Plin:HN_3.88   whose denizens called Mamertines have the Roman
Plut:Mor_203   esolved to put the Mamertines, that were of the other side
SEG_56.636   (c. 170/69)   ce Novius Latinus the Mamertine, son of Ovius, whe
THI_210.A1   ((?) c. 250) Minatus Curvius, a Mamertine : 30 medimnoi of barley

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