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  Maeotis   (Palus Maeotis) - an internal sea, to the north of the Black Sea
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Aelian:Fr_71 weighed anchor beyond Maeotis, purchases a Colchian gir
Aelian:NA_6.65 is a district near the Maeotic lake* ) Wolves are the
Athen_5.213 dwell around the Palus Maeotis, and the whole of Pontus,
Diod_40.4 between Colchis and Lake Maeotis, together with the kings
Just_2.1 run down into the Lake Maeotis, and then into the Pontic
Schol:Bob_95 rha and Antissa, by lake Maeotis; the Corinthian Gulf over

Maeotissee Maeotians

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