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  Lysidice   - daughter of Pelops
Vit:Nicand_1 ack To Heracles and wise Lysidice, whom Pelops' wife Hippo

  Lysidice   - in documents
AnthPal_7.291 drips from your locks, Lysidice, unhappy girl, shipwreck
AnthPal_7.474 end of the holy offspring of Lysidice. [475] DIOTIMUS
AntipSid_7.424 hat Agis made upon your stele, Lysidice. For the reins and
AntipThes_7.402 ouse it fell in and killed old Lysidice. Her neighbours
AntipThes_9.302 pents' nests, learn from Lysidice and Amyntor not to prais
Asclepiad_5.203 03] & { G-P 6 } & Lysidice dedicated to you, Cypris, her
MArgent_5.104 Take off these nets, Lysidice, you tease, and don't
MArgent_5.110 Pour in ten ladles of Lysidice, cup-bearer, and of char
MArgent_7.374 ide the waves my mother, Lysidice, wept for me much, gazin
Phld:Epigr_5.124 rpen their swift arrows, Lysidicē, and a hidden fire

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