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  Lydiades   (or Lydiadas) of Megalopolis - Achaean general, killed in 227 B.C.
  + Lydiadas
234/_ Achaean General: Lydiades
234/2 Lydiades gives possession of Alipheira to the Eleans.
234/3 Lydiades brings Megalopolis into the Achaean League.
234/6 Lydiades is elected general of the Achaean League for the first time.
232/_ Achaean General: Lydiades (II)
232/3 Lydiades is elected general of the Achaean League for the second time
230/_ Achaean General: Lydiades (III)
227/12 leomenes defeats the Achaeans at Ladoceia, where Lydiades is killed.
227/15 lame Aratus for the death of Lydiades, and deny him access to public
    Within translations:
Plut:Arat_30 sought means to depose Lydiades the Megalopolitan, who
Plut:Arat_35 follow the examples of Lydiades, and command so great
Plut:Arat_37 fer them to pass. Lydiades, incensed at this order, and
Plut:Cleom_6 which was in the way, Lydiades, the Megalopolitan, offe
SEG_52.447 (190-180)   the sacred precinct of (?) Lydiadas 10 . . . the de
Syll_504 (c. 228-226)   y of Kaphyiai honours Lydiadas son of Eudamos, on a

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