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  Lycurgus   - an ancient king of Thrace
Wikipedia entry
[Longin]:Subl_15   a startling phrase of Lycurgus's palace, magically possessed at
AnthPal_9.79   gift. Bear in mind the fate of Lycurgus. [80] LEONIDAS OF
AnthPal_9.375   his foe, because, like Lycurgus, he quenched good cheer
Athen_10.445   eat ox-goad, harder than Lycurgus', & Who smote the ἀ
Philip_9.561   I seek for your hands, Lycurgus, to tear up by the roots

  Lycurgus 2   - Spartan lawgiver, 8th century B.C.
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Plutarch,- PLUTARCH, Lycurgus
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_6.61   e-chamber. [61] & Lycurgus laid down a most humane law
Aelian:NA_7.15   no need at all of the laws of Lycurgus. An elephant old
Apollod:Fr_63-65 *   nians: so that he brings Lycurgus the legislator, while
Athen_6.233   the divine Platon, and Lycurgus the Lacedamonian, not
Athen_11.508   after the model set by Lycurgus for the Lacedaemonians, by Solon
Athen_14.635   was a contemporary of Lycurgus the law-giver, who, it
Cic:Acad_2.136   given under the hand of Lycurgus and Solon, and our Twelve
Cic:Brut_40   arly a date as the elder Lycurgus, the legislator of the
Cic:DeOr_1.58   say, if they will, that Lycurgus or Solon (although I think
Cic:DeOr_1.197   laws with those of their Lycurgus, Dracon, and Solon. It is
Cic:DeOr_3.56   named wisdom, as in Lycurgus, Pittacus and Solon; and,
Cic:Rep_2.2   for example, Minos in Crete, Lycurgus in Sparta, and in Athens,
Cic:Rep_2.15   and approved the principle which Lycurgus had discovered at Sparta a
Cic:Rep_2.18   hundred and eight years after Lycurgus began to write his laws,
Cic:Rep_2.24   that had escaped the Spartan Lycurgus ; for it was his
Cic:Rep_2.42   the first Olympiad ** And Lycurgus, who lived in very ancient
Cic:Rep_2.43   Sparta under the code of Lycurgus, and even if the peoplepossess
Cic:Rep_2.50   people also, as did both Lycurgus and Romulus ; you will
Cic:Rep_2.58   even the disciplinary system of Lycurgus was able to hold his
Cic:Rep_3.16   equity do not agree. Indeed, Lycurgus, famed as the author of
Cic:Rep_4.5   Plato went even further than Lycurgus, for he actually provided that
Cic:Tusc_1.100   he despised the laws of Lycurgus ? "On the contrary," answered
Cic:Tusc_1.101   nation whilst the laws of Lycurgus were in force. One of
Cic:Tusc_1.109   it may be received, that Lycurgus and Solon have no glory
Cic:Tusc_2.34   [34] By the laws of Lycurgus, and by those which were
Cic:Tusc_5.7   men by us: and thus Lycurgus many ages before, in whose
DiogLaert_7.178   Constitution; three on Lycurgus and Socrates; one on Law
Euseb]:Chron_67   ars. In his reign, Lycurgus established laws for the Laced
Euseb]:Chron_187   for 28 years. At this time, Lycurgus was in his prime.
Euseb]:Chron_189   years from then until Lycurgus [884 B.C.]; and there
Euseb]:Chron_193   the games together with Lycurgus, who happened to be his
Isyll_G   precepts of Apollo which Lycurgus ordained for the city,
Just_3.2   Solon and the laws of Lycurgus, rushed into war through
Lucian:Macr_28   ty-two years. [28] Lycurgus, the Spartan lawgiver, is said
Plut:Agis_19   to the institutions of Lycurgus, and my desire to imitat
Plut:Agis_5-10 *   arian law established by Lycurgus still remained, and the
Plut:Cleom_10   dministration was put by Lycurgus into the hands of the
Plut:Cleom_12   are described in the life of Lycurgus. [13] The king him
Plut:Cleom_16   sober Doric tone which Lycurgus had given it - he could
Plut:Cleom_18   the steps of Solon and Lycurgus, in the cancelling of
Plut:Mor_172   of the giver. And Lycurgus ordained in Sparta very cheap
Plut:Mor_189   [189] LYCURGUS. Lycurgus the Lacedaemonian brought long
Plut:Phoc_20   launch out in praise of Lycurgus and the Lacedaemonian
Polyaen_1.16.1   ned a complete victory. [16] & Lycurgus. The method Lycurg
Polyaen_1.16.2   & One command of Lycurgus, sanctioned by the oracle, was
Polyaen_6.6.2   cted according to the rules of Lycurgus. While the ambassa
Polyaen_8.4.1   hat he had an eye to Minos and Lycurgus. For they received
ValMax_1.2e.3   [2e.3]   Lycurgus persuaded the people that the
ValMax_2.6.1   to the severe laws of Lycurgus, and would by no means
ValMax_5.3e.2   or more useful citizen than Lycurgus. He was a person that
ValMax_7.2e.15   abrogated the laws of Lycurgus, that forbade the punishment

  Lycurgus 3   - grandfather of the orator Lycurgus
Plut:Mor_841 on, and grandson of that Lycurgus whom the Thirty Tyrants
Plut:Mor_852 ancestors Diomedes and Lycurgus lived in honour and este

  Lycurgus 4   - Athenian statesman and orator, 4th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
324/10 Lycurgus rescues Xenocrates, who has been arrested for not paying tax
324/11 The death of Lycurgus.
324/12 ments on the achievements of Lycurgus, and his management of the Athe
323/60 Demosthenes saves the sons of Lycurgus from imprisonment.
306/1 ans pass a decree in honour of Lycurgus, and set up a statue of him.
Plutarch,- PLUTARCH, Lives of the Ten Orators
    Within translations:
Athen_6.267   who bad done so." And Lycurgus made a similar statement
Athen_11.476   the horn."   The orator Lycurgus, in the speech Against Demades
Athen_13.586   and nothing else. Lycurgus, also, in his oration against
Cic:Brut_36   Hypereides, Aeschines, Lycurgus, Deinarchus, and Demades
Cic:Brut_130   practice to accusations, as Lycurgus is said to have
Cic:DeOr_2.94   Demosthenes, Hyperides, Aeschines, Lycurgus, Dinarchus, and a
DionHal:Din_10   right." 8. Against Lycurgus, audit: "I know that even if
DionHal:Din_11   well known and succeeded Lycurgus as treasurer of public
Plut:Mor_841-843 *   four years. But Lycurgus plied his business closely,
Plut:Mor_848   the same time as Lycurgus, he had been a pupil of the
Plut:Mor_851   ophron, the son of Lycurgus of Butadae, requires that he
Plut:Mor_852   proposed; that, - since Lycurgus, the son of Lycophron
Plut:Phoc_7   Aristophon, Demosthenes, Lycurgus, and Hypereides, address
Plut:Phoc_9   to be suffocated." 10 Lycurgus the orator one day said
Plut:Phoc_17   deliver up to him Demosthenes, Lycurgus, Hypereides, and
Syll_326   (307/6)   Euthydemos]: since Lykourgos [of Boutadai, the son

  Lycurgus 5   - son of the orator Lycurgus
Plut:Mor_843 him three sons, Abron, Lycurgus, and Lycophron; of which

  Lycurgus 6   - king of Sparta, 220-210 B.C.
219/10 Lycurgus is appointed king of Sparta.
218/40a Lycurgus attacks Tegea, but fails to capture the acropolis.
218/50 Lycurgus leaves Sparta for Aetolia, out of fear of the ephors.
217/13 Lycurgus returns to Sparta and invades Messenia.
216/17 Lycurgus expels Agesipolis from Sparta.
    Within translations:
Just_29.1 the Spartans, they had elected Lycurgus in the room of Cle

  Lycurgus   - in documents
CIL_1.555 tin Text (iii) Depicting Lycurgus, threatening Philon
SEG_56.636 (c. 170/69)   son of Polemarchidas Lykourgos son of Eustratidas
Syll_322 aropinos son of Molpinos Lykourgos son of Xenarchides

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