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  Lycaeum   - a mountain in Arcadia, Greece
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  + Lycaean
312/2a Syll_314, a list of victors at the Lycaean games.
227/3 Cleomenes defeats Aratus in a battle by Mt. Lycaeum.
    Within translations:
Just_43.1   built a temple to the Lycaean, whom the Greeks call Pan
LeonTar_6.188   ended these his hare-staves to Lycaean Pan on the Arcadian
Plin:HN_4.21   Cyllene also with a town, Lycaeus on which is the shrine
Plut:Arat_36   by Cleomenes at Mount Lycaeum ; and, in his flight, bei
Plut:Cleom_5   cked the latter at Lycaeum, as they were in retreat, and
Polyaen_4.7.9   against each other, with Lycaeum, a mountain of Arcadia,
Simonid_13.19   in the precinct of Lycaean Zeus; and likewise in Tegea,

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