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  Lucullus 2   (M. Licinius Lucullus) - Roman consul, 151 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
151/_ Consuls: M. Licinius M.f. Lucullus, A. Postumius A.f. Albinus
151/8 Lucullus massacres the Vaccaei.
151/14 Lucullus captures Intercatia: Scipio is first to scale the walls.
151/15 Lucullus fails to capture Pallantium.
150/2 Lucullus campaigns against the Lusitani near Gades and Turdetania.
142/5a Lucullus dedicates a temple to Felicitas.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_81   consulship with L. Lucullus [151 B.C.], was greatly admire
FastCap_p70   [151] & L. Licinius M.f. . . Lucullus , A. Postumius A.f
Oros_4.21   the consulship of L. Licinius Lucullus and A. Postumius Albinus 151
ValMax_2.10.4   young man, and sent by Lucullus the consul from Spain into
ValMax_3.2.6   Spain under the command of Lucullus, at the time when the
ValMax_5.2e.4   as reinforcements to the consul Lucullus in Spain; for he thought

  Lucullus 3   (L. Licinius Lucullus) - Roman praetor, 103 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
103/4 The praetor Lucullus defeats Tryphon, but makes no further progress
102/1 Lucullus disbands his army.
102/28 L.Lucullus is prosecuted on his return to Rome, and his brother-in-la
91/40 the conviction of Servilius, who had prosecuted Lucullus' father.
    Within translations:
Diod_36.2 was committed to Lucius Lucullus, one of the praetors in
Diod_36.8 length, Lucius Licinius Lucullus was chosen general by
Diod_36.9 Servilius, who succeeded Lucullus, do anything worth remem

  Lucullus 4   (L. Licinius Lucullus) - Roman consul, 74 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Licinius
91/39 L.Lucullus receives a thorough education in Greek and Latin.
91/40 L.Lucullus secures the conviction of Servilius, who had prosecuted
87/6 Lucullus order Bruttius to return to Macedonia, leaving Sulla to figh
87/27 Lucullus coins money for Sulla's army.
87/54 Lucullus protects the city of Chaeronea from reprisals, after the mur
86/12 Lucullus sets sail for Egypt, to try to collect warships for Sulla.
86/35 Lucullus restores stability to Cyrene after a period of revolution.
86/43 Lucullus is greeted warmly by Ptolemy, but given little material
85/2 Lucullus assembles a naval force with the help of Rhodes and other
85/2a CIL_1.714, an inscription in honour of L.Lucullus at Delos.
85/4 by sea from Pitane, after Lucullus refuses to cooperate with Fimbr
85/10 Lucullus defeats Neoptolemus, the admiral of Mithridates.
85/18 Lucullus and L.Murena seize Mithridates' fleet.
81/23 L.Lucullus serves as quaestor under Murena; he is not involved in the
81/24 Lucullus buys a copy of a painting by Pausias.
80/38 General remarks on the conduct of L.Lucullus in Asia.
79/14 Lucullus is elected praetor, having been given special dispensation
78/6 Sulla shows great trust in L.Lucullus, to whom he dedicates his memoi
75/14 L.Lucullus governs Africa as propraetor.
74/_ Consuls: L. Licinius L.f. Lucullus, M. Aurelius M.f. Cotta
74/10 Lucullus opposes the populist measures of the tribune L.Quinctius.
74/26 mmander against Mithridates; Lucullus occupies the journey out by lea
73/5 Lucullus assembles his army and imposes strict discipline.
73/6 Lucullus attempts to stifle rebellion in the cities of Asia, which
73/11 Lucullus rescues Cotta by raising the siege of Chalcedon.
73/19 Lucullus arrives at Cyzicus, and occupies a strong position blocking
73/21 Lucullus quells unrest in his army over his policy of avoiding battle
73/37 Lucullus defeats Mithridates' cavalry as they withdraw by the river
72/5 soldiers from Fimbria's army, who are still serving with Lucullus.
72/7 the siege of Cyzicus, and Lucullus' successful strategy of cutting
72/9 Lucullus destroys the remnants of Mithridates' retreating army by the
72/10 during the siege, and they start a festival in honour of Lucullus.
72/53 Lucullus invades Pontus.
71/3 Lucullus besieges Amisus and Themiscyra.
71/11 Lucullus advances against Mithridates, but is defeated in a cavalry
71/12 deserts to the Romans, and then allegedly attempts to kill Lucullus.
71/13 Lucullus is shown a safe route to advance against Cabeira, but is the
71/19 ent by Mithridates to attack Lucullus' supply convoy is defeated
71/20 camp as his army attempts to escape before the arrival of Lucullus.
71/25 Lucullus captures and loots Cabeira.
71/34 L.Lucullus captures the fortress of Eupatoria.
70/7 Lucullus gains control of Armenia Minor.
70/8 Lucullus sends Ap.Claudius as an envoy to Tigranes to demand the surr
70/9 Lucullus captures Amisus after prolonged resistance led by Callimachu
70/14 Lucullus secures an alliance with Machares, the son of Mithridates,
70/17 Lucullus reorganises the province of Asia, and takes vigorous measure
70/18 The cities of Asia establish festivals in honour of Lucullus.
70/19 The poet Archias accompanies Lucullus in Asia.
70/28 Lucullus captures Sinope.
70/29 Lucullus captures Amaseia; the death of Diodorus the general of Mithr
69/2 Lucullus crosses the Euphrates at Tomisa, and invades Armenia.
69/3 Lucullus and Sextilius defeat an Armenian cavalry force, led by Mithr
69/11 despises the small size of Lucullus' army, and ignores Mithridates'
69/12 Lucullus wins an overwhelming victory over Tigranes.
69/14 Lucullus captures and sacks Tigranocerta.
69/15 transfer their support to Lucullus, but Zarbienus of Gordyene
69/18 rena serves as an officer in Lucullus' army during the war against
68/6 the command against Mithridates should be taken away from Lucullus.
68/7 Lucullus' garrisons in Pontus start to mutiny.
68/10 Lucullus marches towards Artaxata, and beats off an attack by Mithrid
68/11 Lucullus' army refuses to march further into Armenia, amidst rumours
68/12 During Lucullus' invasion of Armenia, Roman armies penetrate further
68/13 Lucullus withdraws to Nisibis, which he starts to besiege.
68/22 Lucullus captures Nisibis.
68/26 osopher Antiochus accompanies Lucullus during his eastern campaigns.
67/3 is appointed to take over Lucullus' command in Bithynia and Pontus
67/7 Acilius punishes the praetor L.Lucullus, for not standing in his pres
67/13 Clodius leaves Lucullus' army, and joins his brother-in-law Marcius.
67/21 Lucullus employs a stratagem to prevent the desertion of his Macedoni
67/22 Lucullus returns to Pontus to face Mithridates, but his troops refuse
66/11 on the eastern campaigns of Lucullus, who despite many successes fai
66/12 Pompeius meets Lucullus in Galatia, and takes charge of the rest
66/14 Lucullus returns to Rome; he brings back a new fruit - cherries from
66/14a The grammarian Tyrannion of Amisus is brought to Rome by Lucullus.
66/15 Lucullus divorces his wife Clodia, accusing her of incest with her
63/35 The triumphs of L.Lucullus, over Mithridates, and M.Lucullus, over
60/3 The optimates, led by L.Lucullus, oppose Pompeius' attempts to ratify
59/7 Caesar curbs opposition from Lucullus by threatening him with prosecu
56/30 Arcesilaus makes models and statues for L.Lucullus.
56/31 Lucullus spends the last part of his life in decadence and luxury.
56/32 The death of L.Lucullus.
Plutarch,- PLUTARCH, Lucullus

  Lucullus 6   (M. Terentius Varro Lucullus) - Roman consul, 73 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
93/9 made a citizen of Heracleia, through the influence of Lucullus.
82/26 M.Lucullus defeats Quinctius at Fidentia.
81/67 boundary stones between Pisaurum and Fundanum by M.Varro Lucullus.
80/22 The brothers L. and M.Lucullus are elected to be aediles together.
79/11 The brothers L. and M.Lucullus stage magnificent games while they bot
73/_ Consuls: M. Terentius M.f. Varro Lucullus, C. Cassius L.f. Longinus
72/23 M.Lucullus defeats the Bessi.
72/33 M.Lucullus advances as far as the river Danube.
72/46 ree of Mesambria in honour of C.Cornelius, an officer of M.Lucullus.
72/47 M.Lucullus removes a colossal statue from Apollonia and takes it back
71/33 The triumph of M.Lucullus, over the Thracians.
66/2 L.Lucullus (or Lucceius) turns down an opportunity to govern the prov
66/19 Memmius accuses M.Lucullus of misconduct as quaestor.
66/27 Memmius prevents L.Lucullus from celebrating a triumph.
63/35 phs of L.Lucullus, over Mithridates, and M.Lucullus, over the Bessi.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_222   the public and civil law; - M. Lucullus, and M. Octavius,
FastCap_p76   M. Terentius M.f. . . Varro Lucullus , C. Cassius L.f.
Festus:Brev_9   Europe. Through Thrace, Marcus Lucullus first clashed with
GranLic_32   Licinius and Terentius Lucullus staged a battle between
Hieron:Chron_1946   46] [not in Ar.] M.Lucullus celebrated a triumph over the
Oros_5.20   faction were killed. 8 When Lucullus was being besieged by Quintius,
Oros_5.24   during the consulship of Lucullus and Cassius 73 B.C.
Oros_6.3   to destroy it. 4 M. Lucullus, who had succeeded Curio in
Plin:HN_4.92   from this island Marcus Lucullus brought the statue of
Plin:HN_8.19   in the curule of the Luculli. [20] Also in Pompey's second
Plin:HN_34.39   Capitol, brought over by Marcus Lucullus {73 from Apollonia, a city
Schol:Bob_175 he came back with Lucullus, he went to live} in Heracleia
Syll_747.A   (73) consuls Marcus Terentius Varro Lucullus, son of Marcus, and
Syll_747.C   (73) Whereas the consuls Marcus Lucullus and Gaius Cassius have
ValMax_8.5.4   Metellus Pius, L. and M. Lucullus, Q. Hortensius, and M. Lepidus:

  Lucullus 9   (P. Licinius Lucullus) - tribune of the plebs, 110 B.C.
110/9 The tribunes P.Lucullus and L.Annius prevent the consular elections

  Lucullus 12   - the commander of the Roman garrison at Heracleia, late 2nd century B.C.
114/12 Scordisci defeat and kill Lucullus, the commander of the garrison

  Lucullus   - in documents
SelPap_2.260 the epistrategus Julius Lucullus from Gaius Apollina

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