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  Longinus   (Q. Cassius Longinus) - military tribune, 252 B.C.
DPRR record
  + Cassius
252/7 ite a defeat suffered by P.Aurelius (? or Q.Cassius) in his absence.

  Longinus 2   (Q. Cassius Longinus) - Roman consul, 164 B.C.
DPRR record
164/_ Consuls: A. Manlius A.f. Torquatus, Q. Cassius L.f. Longinus
    Within translations:
FastCap_p66 rquatus , Q. Cassius L.f. Q.n. Longinus - died in office

  Longinus 4   (L. Cassius Longinus Ravilla) - Roman consul, 127 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Cassius
137/10 The tribune L. Cassius passes a law to introduce secret ballots in
127/_ Consuls: L. Cassius Longinus Ravilla, L. Cornelius L.f. Cinna
125/11 rvilius Caepio and L.Cassius Longinus, who also bring the Aqua Tepula
125/12 L.Cassius punishes M.Aemilius with a heavy fine for building an osten
113/4 L.Cassius is appointed to head an enquiry into the Vestal Virgins,
113/5 .Antonius is summoned before Cassius' enquiry, but is soon cleared
112/16 L.Cassius' famous legal maxim, "Cui bono?".
    Within translations:
Cic:Acad_2.13   became consul, and of Lucius Cassius and Quintus Pompeius ; indeed
Cic:Brut_97   (1-96) [97] & Lucius Cassius too derived his influence
Cic:Brut_106   and carried by L. Cassius, in the consulship of Lepidus
ValMax_3.7.9   incest before the praetor L. Cassius, whose tribunal, because of his
ValMax_8.1d.7   who was accused by L. Cassius, for having built his country

  Longinus 5   (L. Cassius Longinus) - Roman consul, 107 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Cassius
111/12 gurtha is brought to Rome by L.Cassius, but he is prevented from addr
107/_ Consuls: L. Cassius L.f. Longinus, C. Marius C.f.
107/2 The Tigurini defeat and kill L.Cassius; the remnants of the Roman arm
107/11 with treason for his part in Cassius' defeat, and passes a law to ext
    Within translations:
Diod_34.32a   arrived of the death of (?) Cassius and his army . .
FastCap_p72   [107] & L. Cassius L.f. . . Longinus , C. Marius C.f.
Oros_5.15   Jugurthine War, the consul L. Cassius 107 B.C. who was in

  Longinus 6   (L. Cassius Longinus) - tribune of the plebs, 104 B.C.
DPRR record
  + Cassius
104/25 L.Cassius passes a law to remove Caepio from the senate.

  Longinus 7   (C. Cassius Longinus) - Roman consul, 96 B.C.
DPRR record
  + Cassius
96/_ Consuls: Cn. Domitius Cn.f. Ahenobarbus, C. Cassius L.f. Longinus
    Within translations:
Cassiod:Chr_658 658] &   Cn. Domitius and C. Cassius. & In the year of
CIL_1.889 of Gnaeus Domitius and Gaius Cassius. CIL_1 .2663 L
FastCap_p74 nobarbus , C. Cassius L.f. . . Longinus [95] & L. Licinius
GranLic_22 not recover quickly, C.Cassius was sent to the camp, in

  Longinus 8   (C. Cassius Longinus) - Roman consul, 171 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Cassius
171/_ Consuls: P. Licinius C.f. Crassus, C. Cassius C.f. Longinus
171/19 Cassius attempts to march on Macedonia through Illyria.
170/18 ine states complaining about C.Cassius, from Chalcis complaining abou
154/17 Scipio Nasica prevents the censor Cassius from building a theatre.
154/18 Cassius consults the pontifices about moving a statue of Concordia
153/6 The censors, M.Valerius and C.Cassius, complete the census.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.2661   . in the consulship of Gaius Cassius and Publius Lic
FastCap_p66   Crassus , C. Cassius C.f. C.n. Longinus [170] & A. Hostili
FastCap_p68   Cassius C.f. C.n. Longinus - they completed the 55th lust
Oros_4.20.30   Licinius Crassus and C. Cassius Longinus 171 B.C. the Macedonian was
Plin:HN_7.36   Licinius Crassus and Gaius Cassius Longinus {171 a girl at Casinum
ValMax_2.4.2   were begun by Messalla and Cassius, the censors but by the

  Longinus 9   (C. Cassius Longinus) - Roman consul, 124 B.C.
DPRR record
124/_ Consuls: C. Cassius Longinus, C. Sextius C.f. Calvinus

  Longinus 10   (C. Cassius Longinus) - Roman consul, 73 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Cassius
73/_ Consuls: M. Terentius M.f. Varro Lucullus, C. Cassius L.f. Longinus
72/21 Spartacus defeats C.Cassius, the governor of Cisalpine Gaul, near Mut
    Within translations:
FastCap_p76   Cassius L.f. . . Longinus [ Years 72 - 61 are missing]
Oros_5.24   killed the proconsul C. Cassius after defeating him in
Syll_747.A   (73) of Marcus, and Gaius Cassius Longinus, [son of] Lucius, to the
Syll_747.C   (73) nsuls Marcus Lucullus and Gaius Cassius have heard the case a

  Longinus 11   (C. Cassius Longinus) - leader of the conspiracy against Caesar, 44 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Cassius
87/61 The birth of C.Cassius Longinus.
72/62 C.Cassius, as a young boy, punches Faustus to stop him boasting about
67/45a The grammarian Staberius Eros teaches Brutus and Cassius.
60/24 C.Cassius is taught by Archelaus at Rhodes.
53/30 C.Cassius, the quaestor of Crassus, takes control of Syria after reac
52/43 C.Cassius captures Tarichaeae in Galilee.
52/51 C.Cassius repels a small invasion of Syria by the Parthians.
51/49 Cic:Fam_15'14, a letter from Cicero to C.Cassius.
51/53 C.Cassius defeats the Parthians as they retreat from Antioch, and kil
51/56 Dispatches from Cicero and C.Cassius, about the Parthian invasion of
48/42 C.Cassius attacks Caesar's warships around Sicily.
47/29 Caesar stays at Tarsus, where C.Cassius surrenders to him.
47/48 Cic:Fam_15.15, a letter from Cicero to C.Cassius.
46/90 :Fam_15.18 & 15.20-21, letters from Cicero to Cassius and Trebonius.
45/2 Cic:Fam_15.16-17 & 15.19, letters of Cicero to and from Cassius.
44/107 Brutus and Cassius leave Italy, without revealing their real destinat
44/113 Cic:Fam_12.2, a letter from Cicero to Cassius.
44/119 ic:Fam_12.3 & 12.23, letters from Cicero to Cassius and Cornificius.
44/135 Cassius persuades the inhabitants of Cilicia, including Tarsus, to
44/23 C.Cassius persuades M.Brutus to join him in a conspiracy against Caes
44/24 Brutus and Cassius bring together many other conspirators.
44/36 the senate-house by Brutus, Cassius and the other conspirators.
44/38 amnesty, and Brutus and Cassius make a show of reconciliation
44/43 Cic:Fam_11.1, a letter from D.Brutus to M.Brutus and Cassius.
44/49 Brutus and Cassius leave the city of Rome, but stay in Latium.
44/50 Macedonia to Antonius, Crete to Brutus, and Cyrenaica to Cassius.
44/65 tticus refuses to donate to a fund in support of Brutus and Cassius.
44/68 Cic:Fam_9.14 & 12.1, letters from Cicero to Dolabella and Cassius.
44/72 Cic:Fam_11.2, a letter from Brutus and Cassius to Antonius.
44/79 Cicero meets Brutus and Cassius at Antium, after they are offered an
44/86 Brutus and Cassius issue a manifesto, stating that they wish to be
44/97 Cic:Fam_11.3, a letter from Brutus and Cassius to Antonius.
43/104 Cassius captures Tarsus, and forces its inhabitants to pay a large
43/20 Cic:Fam_12.4-5, two letters from Cicero to Cassius.
43/25 C.Cassius wins over all the legions in Syria, together with four legi
43/37 Cic:Fam_12.6-7 & 12.11, letters of Cicero to and from Cassius.
43/58 Cassius exacts money from the Jews.
43/59 Cic:Fam_12.12, a letter from Cassius to Cicero.
43/85 Cic:Fam_12.8-10, letters from Cicero to Cassius.
43/87 Dolabella is killed at Laodiceia, after being defeated by Cassius.
42/2 Brutus and Cassius meet at Smyrna, to plan their next actions.
42/3 Brutus and Cassius send Labienus to gain the support of the Parthians
42/4 Cassius punishes the inhabitants of Rhodes.
42/8 Brutus (or Cassius) condemns Theodotus to death, for his part in the
42/10 Brutus and Cassius meet again at Sardis, and renew their friendship
42/14 Brutus and Cassius review their army by the Gulf of Melas.
42/21 Brutus and Cassius advance to Philippi.
42/24 Dellius deserts Cassius and joins Antonius.
42/27 October} The first battle of Philippi; the death of Cassius.
42/34 General comments on the character of Brutus and Cassius.
    Within translations:
Cic:Att_7.21-24 *   7th of February C. Cassius the tribune came to Capua, and
Cic:Att_15.11   utus], Tertulla [wife of Cassius], Porcia [wife of Brutus]
Cic:Fam_11.1-3 *   Brutus to M.Brutus and C.Cassius & [Rome, (?) March 22nd,
Cic:Fam_12.1   [12.1] Cicero to Cassius & [Pompeii, May 3rd, 44 B.C.]
Cic:Fam_12.10-13 *   [12.10] Cicero to Cassius & [Rome, early in July, 43 B.C.
Cic:Fam_12.2-9 *   [12.2] Cicero to Cassius & [Rome, (?) September 25th,
Cic:Fam_15.14-19 *   Cicero to Caius Cassius, proquaestor of Syria & [Cilici
Cic:Phil_2.26   han at home? What? Caius Cassius, a man of that family whi
Cic:Phil_2.30   the Brutuses, of Caius Cassius, of Cnaeus Domitius, of
Cic:Phil_2.31   nces given to Brutus and Cassius? why were quaestors assig
Festus:Brev_17   perished. Lucius Cassius, Crassus' quaestor, a vigorous
Hieron:Chron_1973   orn in that month. Cassius conquered Judaea and despoiled
Hieron:Chron_1976   vive. [not in Ar.] Cassius despoiled the temples of the
Joseph:AJ_14.119   ted elsewhere. But Cassius, as he fled from Rome to Syria,
Joseph:AJ_14.122   Aristobulus. So Cassius removed his camp, and marched
Joseph:AJ_14.270   aesar was slain by Cassius and Brutus in the senate-house,
Joseph:AJ_14.271   nother, to raise armies, Cassius came from Rome into Syria
Joseph:AJ_14.274-277 *   the greatest favour with Cassius; for he thought it a part
Joseph:AJ_14.280   own murderer; for now Cassius and Marcus had got togeth
Joseph:AJ_14.288-290 *   However, Herodes sent to Cassius, and informed him of the
Joseph:AJ_14.293   done by the command of Cassius, he commended the action;
Joseph:AJ_14.294   er. [294] But when Cassius was marched out of Syria, distu
Joseph:AJ_14.297   had been left by Cassius to tyrannise over Tyre; for thi
Joseph:AJ_14.301   and Caesar had beaten Cassius near Philippi, as others
Joseph:AJ_14.304   been carried captive by Cassius, and this without their
Joseph:AJ_14.311   the same perdition with Cassius; and now these have recei
Joseph:AJ_14.313   under the spear by Caius Cassius, or his subordinate offic
Joseph:AJ_14.317   but one day before Caius Cassius began an unjustifiable
Joseph:AJ_14.320   declaration: Since Caius Cassius, in this revolt he hath
Joseph:AJ_14.378   maged in the war against Cassius, though he were in necess
Joseph:BJ_1.180   ly]. [180] But now Cassius, after Crassus, put a stop to
Joseph:BJ_1.182   him. [182] So when Cassius had forced Alexander to come
Joseph:BJ_1.218-225 *   slaughter of Caesar by Cassius and Brutus, after he had
Joseph:BJ_1.230-236 *   father in his letters to Cassius, who, on other accounts,
Joseph:BJ_1.239   that tyrannical power of Cassius, who set tyrants over all
Joseph:BJ_1.242   and Antonius had slain Cassius near Philippi, and Caesar
Joseph:BJ_1.280   ously harassed in the war with Cassius. He was there recei
Julian:Caes_326   I defeated Brutus and Cassius at Philippi: the defeat
Julian:Caes_332   they punished Brutus and Cassius!" "That was not for murde
Just_42.4   with all its commanders, by Cassius the quaestor of Cra
Nepos:Att_8   and Decimus] Brutus and Cassius, and the whole state turn
Nepos:Att_11   and the death of Caius Cassius and Marcus Brutus, he res
NicDam_130.38   killed in the Senate by Cassius and Brutus and their acco
NicDam_130.49   Octavius that Brutus and Cassius and the other murderers
NicDam_130.52   oused against Brutus and Cassius and their party, and was
NicDam_130.59   friend of Caesar, Gaius Cassius, and Marcus Brutus, secon
NicDam_130.72   meanwhile Cassius Longinus, one of the conspirators, pret
NicDam_130.89   A moment before Cassius had struck him obliquely across
NicDam_130.96   position when Brutus and Cassius and their followers made
NicDam_130.112   lace from Italy; Cassius Longinus laid claim to Syria, (?)
NicDam_130.124   ome of the party of Brutus and Cassius. [125] He was thus
NicDam_130.135   Marcus Brutus and Gaius Cassius were at Dicaearchia, and
Obseq_70   Jupiter. War was waged by Cassius and Brutus in the provinces
Oros_6.13   the Roman people, had not Cassius, after collecting a few of
Oros_6.17   was instigated by Brutus and Cassius, but they also say that
Oros_6.18   second against Brutus and Cassius, the third against L.
Plut:Mor_206   ean ones, - meaning Brutus and Cassius. & As he was at sup
Polyaen_8.24.7   his war with Brutus and Cassius, had occasion to cross
Polyaen_8.32.1   rds, together with Cassius, Brutus fought against Augustus
ValMax_1.5.8   Fortune astonished the ears of Cassius, who when the Rhodians begged
ValMax_1.8.8   into our mind, whom C. Cassius (never to be named without
ValMax_3.1.3   ear given him by C. Cassius his school-fellow, for saying in
ValMax_4.7.4   for siding with Brutus and Cassius, although he was at liberty
ValMax_6.8.4   For Pindarus, the freedman of Cassius, by slaying his master at
ValMax_9.9.2   [9.2]   Error caused C. Cassius to punish himself. For in

  Longinus 12   (L. Cassius Longinus) - tribune of the plebs, 44 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Cassius
48/23 Macedonia and fights against Cassius and Longinus, the generals of
48/47 L.Cassius surrenders to Caesar at the Hellespont.
CIL_5.54 L. Cassius C.f. Longinus , L. Calpurnius L.f. Piso , duumviri quinq

  Longinus 15   (Q. Cassius Longinus) - tribune of the plebs, 49 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Cassius
52/74 Q.Cassius is wounded while serving as quaestor in Spain.
49/4 ultimate decree; M.Antonius, Q.Cassius, Curio and Caelius leave Rome,
48/25 Q.Cassius, the governor of Further Spain, survives an assassination
48/51 troops and the garrison of Corduba openly rebel against Q.Cassius.
48/76 umes command of the Spanish rebels, and confronts Q.Cassius at Ulia.
47/17 Q.Cassius is drowned while attempting to sail out of the river Ebro.
Oros_6.15   Ravenna. M. Antony and Q. Cassius, the tribunes of the plebs
ValMax_9.4.2   in the case of Q. Cassius, who released M. Silius and

  Longinus 17   (L. Cassius Longinus) - Roman praetor, 66 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Cassius
66/43 Cornelius before the praetor P.Cassius, but they abandon the trial

  Longinus 18   (L. Cassius Longinus) - suffect consul, 11 A.D.
FastCap_p86 Cassius L.f. . . Longinus & [p88] [12AD] & tribunician

  Longinus 19   (C. Cassius Longinus) - Roman consul, 30 A.D.
Wikipedia entry
  + Cassius
Joseph:AJ_15.406     but after that, Cassius Longinus, who was governor of Syria,
Plinius:Ep_7.24   once belonged to Caius Cassius - the Cassius who was the

  Longinus 20   (T. Pompeius Longinus) - a Roman senator, 1st century B.C.
DPRR record
Joseph:AJ_14.229 intus; of Titus Pompeius Longinus, the son of Titus; of
Joseph:AJ_14.238 of Quintus, Titus Pompeius Longinus, the son of Titus, of

  Longinus 21   (Cassius Longinus) - Greek philosopher and rhetorician, 3rd century A.D.
Wikipedia entry
Euseb]:Chron_263 ighteen books of Cassius Longinus, containing a summary

  Longinus   - in documents
SelPap_1.119 ting. You write to Longinus (?) to look out for the pr
SelPap_1.59 -guardian of . . . Longinus Valens, minor, made hei
SelPap_1.85 ion of will. Gaius Longinus Castor, veteran honourably
SelPap_2.288 otinian deme, and Lucius Longinus Herennius, of the Pa
SelPap_2.299 . . . Longinius Longinus also called Apollonius, pr
SelPap_2.325 are all four children of Longinus also called Sarapion
SelPap_2.368 Longinus Longus, standard-be
SelPap_2.421 description, C. Longinus Priscus, aged 22, a mar

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