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  Lacydes   of Cyrene - Academic philosopher, 3rd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
230/11 Euphorion studies philosophy as a pupil of Lacydes.
230/12 Timon and Lacydes attempt to outdo each other in a drinking contest.
214/3 Chrysippus attends the lectures of Lacydes.
214/4 Lacydes helps in the acquittal of his friend Cephisocrates.
214/5 Lacydes is constantly followed around by a goose.
214/6 Sayings of Lacydes, addressed to Attalus and others.
214/7 General comments on the character of Lacydes.
214/8 Lacydes resigns as head of the Academy.
205/9 Paulus, a friend of Lacydes, resists bravely when put to torture.
205/10 The death of the philosopher Lacydes, after a long illness.
Diogenes- DIOGENES LAERTIUS, Life of Lacydes
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_7.41   mbered it. [41] & Lacydes the peripatetic philosopher*
Athen_10.438   unning a race. But Lacydes and Timon the philosophers, bei
Athen_13.606   a goose also took a fancy to Lacydes the philosopher.
Cic:Acad_2.16   stage it was preserved by Lacydes only, but afterwards it was
Cic:Tusc_5.107   Xenocrates, Crantor, Arcesilas, Lacydes, Aristotle, Theophrastus, Zenon,
DiogLaert_7.183   ast, when Arcesilaus and Lacydes, as Sotion records in his

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