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  Junius   (P. Junius) - a Roman who maintained the temple of Castor, 1st century B.C.
80/26 P.Junius takes over responsibility for the maintenance of the temple

  Junius 2   - the son of P.Junius, who was still young when his father died
74/30 lly the temple of Castor, which has devolved to a boy called Junius.

  Junius 3   (C. Junius) - Roman aedile, (?) 75 B.C.
74/24 C.Junius is condemned for permitting Staienus to hand out bribes duri

  Junius 4   (T. Junius) - an orator, who spoke agaist P.Sextius
Cic:Brut_180 questrian rank. T. Junius, the son of Lucius, who had serv

  Junius 5   - a writer quoted by Varro as a source for Latin etymologies
Ennius:Ann_112 lus; the Luceres, according to Junius, from Lucumo. SERVIU

  Junius   - in documents
CIL_1.678 ta. 106 B.C. Titus Junius, son of Numerius Gaius Numol

Juniussee Blaesus2

Juniussee Brutus

Juniussee Bubulcus

Juniussee Macrianus

Juniussee Pennus

Juniussee Pera

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Juniussee Silanus

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