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  Julius   - in documents
OGIS_196 (32)   I Gaius Julius Papius, praefectus, have
SelPap_1.121 ia. Salutations to Julius and his family, each by n
SelPap_1.122 To Julius Domitius, military tri
SelPap_1.152 Ammonius to his brothers Julius and Hilarus very
SelPap_1.32 acknowledges to Gaius Julius Germanus son of Gaius
SelPap_1.85 aking of this will Julius Petronianus bought the house
SelPap_2.212 son of Leonidas, Marcus Julius Asclepiades, Gaius Ju
SelPap_2.246 the minutes of his excellency Julius Quintianus the e
SelPap_2.260 ellency the epistrategus Julius Lucullus from Gaius Ap
SelPap_2.282 ellency the epistrategus Julius Potrouianus from Pa
SelPap_2.285 . . . from Gaius Julius Apollinarius, veteran owning
SelPap_2.289 To Julius Julianus, centurion,
SelPap_2.290 . . ., have sealed. I, Gaius Julius Sarapion, have se
SelPap_2.291 the house of the soldier Julius, I went to him to de
SelPap_2.308 to my husband the worshipful Julius ... as dowry con
SelPap_2.312 To Julius Saturninus, strategu
SelPap_2.315 Serenus Petronius, and Julius Gemellus, all three ve
SelPap_2.328 eft calf. To Gaius Julius Philetus, inspector of sow
SelPap_2.333 Augustamnica, Flavius Julius Ausonius, to the ef
SelPap_2.336 To Aurelius Julius Marcellinus, centur
SelPap_2.342 lands, in place of Gaius Julius Ptollis, Aniarantus
SelPap_2.369 adron of Ammonianus, and Julius Serenus, trooper of
SelPap_2.371 exandria and formerly to Julius Asclepiades the philos
SelPap_2.401 efect of which is Marcus Julius Silvanus son of Mar
SelPap_2.421 left eyebrow, C. Julius Maximus, aged 25, without de
Syll_322 Phlyconis daughter of Gaius Julius . . . &[ 31/2

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