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  Jason   - son of Aeson; leader of the Argonauts
Wikipedia entry
Athen_6.242   take a fleece, they name you Jason. [42.] And [Matron]
Athen_13.560   daughter of Hypseus; and Jason on account of his marriage
Athen_13.572   of it: that originally Jason, the son of Aeson, when he
Just_42.2   by Armenius, the companion of Jason of Thessaly. King Pel
Just_42.3   his throne. [42.3] Jason then carried on great wars with
Philip_16.137   blood ? Is some second Jason or another Glaucē your
Plin:HN_3.70   of Argive Juno founded by Jason. Further inland was Picentia, a
Plin:HN_6.38   said to be descended from Jason, after whom the sea at
Plin:HN_7.207   attributed by Philostephanus to Jason, by Hegesias to Parhalus,
ValMax_4.6e.3   the ancient companions of Jason. Having stayed there for

  Jason 2   of Pherae - Thessalian tyrant, killed in 370 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Aelian:Fr_52   , & H'285 , & E'1731& Jason the Thessalian was inflamed
Nepos_13.4   latter was none other than Jason, tyrant of Thessaly, at that
Plin:HN_7.166   him. In the opposite way, Jason of Pherae being ill with
Plut:Mor_193   ians were slain. & Jason, monarch of Thessaly, was at Theb
Polyaen_3.9.40   phicrates and the tyrant Jason were encamped against each
Polyaen_6.1.1   already offered to you. [1] Jason. Jason, having formed
Polyaen_6.1.2   his intentions. Jason the Thessalian was being pressed
ValMax_1.8e.6   a certain person gave to Jason of Pherae, while endeavouring to
ValMax_9.10e.2   revenge or not that dispatched Jason of Thessaly, when he was

  Jason 3   - Jewish high priest, 2nd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Jesus
174/5 Jesus (also known as Jason) replaces Onias as high priest.
171/17 Jason attempts to Hellenize the Jews.
168/27 Jason attacks Menelaus, who appeals for help to Antiochus.
    Within translations:
2Macc_1   us in those years after Jason and his company revolted
2Macc_4   ucceeded to the kingdom, Jason the brother of Onias obtain
2Macc_5   that Antiochus was dead, Jason took no less than a thousan
4Macc_4   and appointed Onias's brother Jason as high priest. 17
ChronPasc_437   ened. [Ol. 149.2] Jesus became the 14th high priest, for
ChronPasc_464   fidels out of the country. 14. Jesus was high priest for
ChronPasc_509   high priest for 24 years. 14. Jesus was high priest for
ExcBarb_36A   riests in Jerusalem were Jesus for 6 years, another Onias
Hieron:Chron_1845   alled Jesus, also called Jason, the brother of Onias, as
Joseph:AJ_12.237   the high priesthood to Jesus his brother; for that son
Joseph:AJ_12.238   ld. [238] But this Jesus, who was the brother of Onias,
Joseph:AJ_15.41   broke that law, and deprived Jesus, and made his brother Onias

  Jason 4   - son of Eleazar; Jewish envoy to Rome, 2nd century B.C.
1Macc_8 John, son of Accos, and Jason the son of Eleazar, and sen
Joseph:AJ_12.415 mus the son of John, and Jason the son of Eleazar, and by
Joseph:AJ_12.419 the son of John, and by Jason the son of Eleazar, when

  Jason 5   - father of Antipater (or Alexander), 2nd century B.C.
1Macc_12 and Antipater the son of Jason, and have sent them to Rome
1Macc_14 and Antipater the son of Jason, envoys of the Jews, have
Joseph:AJ_13.169 and Antipater the son of Jason, who are both honourable
Joseph:AJ_14.146 Alexander, the son of Jason, and Numenius, the son of

  Jason 6   - father of Diodorus, 2nd century B.C.
Joseph:AJ_13.260 and Diodorus, the son of Jason, who were good and virtuous

  Jason 7   - Athenian archon, 231 B.C.
231/_ Athenian archon: (?) Jason

  Jason 8   - Athenian archon, 125 B.C.
125/_ Athenian archon: Jason

  Jason 9   - Athenian archon, 109 B.C.
109/_ Athenian archon: Jason

  Jason 10   of Tralles - an actor, 1st century B.C.
Polyaen_7.41.1 aged in a banquet, where Jason of Tralles was performing

  Jason 11   of Nysa - Stoic philosopher, 1st century B.C.
50/29a Jason of Nysa succeeds Poseidonius as head of the school at Rhodes.

  Jason 12   - one of the Jews who translated the bible into Greek, 3rd century B.C.
Aristeas_49 the eighth tribe Theodosius, Jason, Jesus, Theodotus,
Aristeas_50 philus, Abraham, [50] Arsamos, Jason, Endemias, Daniel.

  Jason 13   of Argos - historian, 2nd century A.D.
Athen_14.620 of Olympia. And Jason, in the third book of his treatis
StephByz_70 son of Philippus. Jason, who wrote 'The Life of Greece',

  Jason 14   of Cyrene - author of a history of the Maccabees
Wikipedia entry
2Macc_2 has been set forth by Jason of Cyrene in five volumes,

  Jason   - in documents
  + Iason
AnthPal_6.348 of Lesbos and to her father Jason. But you had no care,
OGIS_59 (163)   r Straton Nikakrates Iason Theaitetos Kleostratos P
PCairZen_59330 ese things I appealed to Iason several times to the effect
PCairZen_59337 season being now late autumn. Iason to Zenon greeting.
PCairZen_59344 kindly write to Iason to let the stathmos of Theopompos
PCairZen_59368 to us by Kleon son of Iason and Sostratos his brother,
PSI_500 ly. About the rest Jason and Panakestor himself, to whom
Syll_492 (c. 263)   aea, the son of Demokritos Jason of Erythrai, the
Syll_657 (155/4)   rhinoutta, the son of Jason Lysimachos of Ankyle,
THI_121 (215/4)   oys Dionysios son of Iason son of Dionysios, Apollo

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