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  Isis   - an Egyptian goddess
Wikipedia entry
226/9b Seleucus brings a statue of Isis from Egypt, and displays it in Antio
174/1 ceia about the property rights of the sanctuary of Sarapis and Isis.
169/15a IsisHymn_5, invocations to the goddess Isis written down by Hor.
116/6 OGIS_137-139, a petition of the priests of Isis at Philae.
89/26a GIS_188 & 189, an obeisance to Isis performed by Tryphon at Philae.
62/17 rding an act of obeisance to Isis by Callimachus, governor of the The
58/69 uls ban the worship of Serapis, Isis and other eastern gods in Rome.
53/40 orders the destruction of the temples of Sarapis and Isis in Rome.
50/57 The senate orders the demolition of temples of Isis and Serapis.
48/73 omens, all the temples of Isis and Serapis in Rome are demolished.
46/31a privileges granted by Cleopatra to a temple of Isis at Ptolemais.
44/28a OGIS_184, an obeisance to Isis performed by the strategus Ptolemy
43/124 public temple is dedicated at Rome to Serapis and Isis.
Plutarch,- PLUTARCH, Isis and Osiris
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_121 that the attendants of Isis wear, and he leapt about sha
Aelian:NA_10.22 ra, and deck the head of Isis with vultures' feathers, and
Aelian:NA_10.23 natives pay homage to Isis in a variety of rituals but
Aelian:NA_10.27 ulptors and painters represent Isis herself with the horns
Aelian:NA_10.31 eaddress, about the statues of Isis. And they deny that
Aelian:NA_10.45 twofold : first, when Isis was seeking everywhere for
Callim:Epigr_50 roasted figs and the lamps of Isis. & [51] & Phrygian
Callim:Epigr_58 In the temple of Isis, daughter of Inachus, is set the
Euseb]:Chron_131 led there was Horus the son of Isis. Then men became kings
Euseb]:Chron_133 Horus the son of Osiris and Isis. These were the first
Lucill_11.115 down on him the curse of Isis or Harpocrates or of any god
Lucill_11.212 Anubis & from the shrines of Isis. * & The dog-headed
Nicarch_11.115 down on him the curse of Isis or Harpocrates or of any god
OGIS_107 (172-170)   way] was dedicated to Isis and [to the gods] who s
OGIS_16 (271-246)   ed this temple for Sarapis, Isis and Arsinoē [
OGIS_175 (104)   nse and the altar, to Isis Sononais, great goddess,
OGIS_177 (97/6)   bakery for Soknopaios and Isis Nepherses, the very
OGIS_186 (62)   ave come to the lady Isis and have made obeisance o
OGIS_188 (? 89)   made obeisance to the lady Isis. In the 25th year,
OGIS_189 (? 89)   ve come to the lady Isis and made obeisance on beha
OGIS_196 (32)   eisance to the lady Isis, with Julius my son, and o
OGIS_21 (305-285)   icated to Sarapis and Isis by Nikanor and Nikandro
OGIS_52 (? 253)   adjacent shrine of Isis and the adjacent bare land
OGIS_82 (217-208)   s, and to Sarapis and Isis, by Lichas of Acarnania,
PCairZen_59154 a supply for the festival of Isis. Farewell. Year 30,
PCairZen_59168 well as the] temple of Isis, [alongside the] temple of
PCairZen_59245 ers have fled to the temple of Isis in the Memphite nome.
Philip_6.231 ess with the linen robe {Isis}, come to my well-appointed
Plinius:Ep_10.33 the almshouse & and temple of Isis, although a road ran
Polyaen_7.3.1 attle near the temple of Isis, which is about five stades
POxy_1380 p~isis_hymns.html#6 Aphrodite ; at Pephremis Isis, ruler, Hestia, lady of ever
PsCallisth_1.31 where is the shrine of Isis Nepheron, the first structur
SelPap_2.242 cording to custom in honour of Isis the most great god
Syll_663 (c. 200)   hose of your consort, Isis, performed throughout al
THI_102 (174)   riests of Sarapis and Isis, declared that a block o
THI_131 (c. 200)   o Sarapis and Isis] and the gods that [(?) share th
THI_259 (217)   g-forever, beloved of Isis, when Ptolemy son of
THI_178 eat of the assocation of Isis Snonais, the presiden
THI_260 (186)   d at the sanctuary of Isis and of the two Gods Brot
AET_4.12 (41)   proceeded to the temple of Isis, the Lady of Yat-u
THI_258 (c. 264)   eru, ArsinoŽ, the mighty Isis, the great Hathor&
THI_6 (46)   d that the temple of Isis built on behalf of our we

  Isis   - in documents
SelPap_1.117 salutations to Heracleides and Isis. Ptolemaeus sal
SelPap_1.134 Isis to Thermouthion her mo

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