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  Hydaspes   - a river in India, now called Jhelum
Wikipedia entry
Arrian:Fr_9   and that on the river Hydaspes to Taxilus the Indian,
Athen_13.595   the banks of the river Hydaspes, by the author, whether
ExcBarb_33B   India around the river Hydaspes for Taxius to rule over
ExcBarb_34A   ndus as far as the river Hydaspes He ordered Oxydarcus to
Just_13.4   The region between the rivers Hydaspes and Indus, Taxiles
Oros_1.2   flow their principal rivers, the Hydaspes and the Arbis. In these
Oros_3.23   who were settled between the Hydaspes and Indus rivers. 12 Python,
Oros_5.4   in the country between the Hydaspes and Indus rivers and extended
Plin:HN_6.62   miles, to the famous river Hydaspes 120 miles, to the not
Plin:HN_6.71   the best known being the Hydaspes which brings with it four
PsCallisth_3.4   not far from the river Hydaspes, a king was ruling near
PsCallisth_3.33   lying along the river Hydaspes, Taxiles, and of the par

  Hydaspes 2   - a satrap of Dareius III
PsCallisth_1.39 which the gist is this: "Hydaspes and Spinther send greeti
PsCallisth_2.10 egions wrote to Darius: "Hydaspes and Spinther salute divi

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