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  Horus   - an Egyptian god
Wikipedia entry
237/10a The commencement of building of the temple of Horus at Edfu.
96/1 of Ptolemy Alexander concerning the temple of Horus at Athribis.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_10.14 pollo, calling the god ' Horus ' in their own language,
Aelian:NA_11.10 Egyptians liken Apis to Horus whom they believe to be the
Euseb]:Chron_131 the gods who ruled there was Horus the son of Isis. Then
Euseb]:Chron_133 brother of Osiris; and then Horus the son of Osiris and
OGIS_52 (? 253)   god Arbaktis and Hierax {Horus}, . . . [and] to
POxy_1380 p~isis_hymns.html#6 tablished your son Horus Apollo 210& everywhere the youthf
THI_259 (217)   year of the youthful Horus, the strong one, whom
THI_260 (186)   the 'Riverbanks of Horus' {Egypt} and what is on
AET_8.13 (c. 90)   finally dedicated to Horus on 7 February 70 B.C.,
AET_4.12 (41)   consecration of the Horus {the king as divine} at
THI_258 (c. 264)   living Horus, the victorious child, the

  Horus 2   - an Egyptian official, 3rd century B.C.
242/8 Bagnall_97, a letter from Horus to Harmais.

  Horus 3   - an Egyptian official, 2nd century B.C.
114/10 PTeb_15, two letters from Menches to Horus.
114/11 PTeb_16, another letter from Menches to Horus.
114/14 PTeb_14, a letter from Menches to Horus.
114/15 PTeb_26 & 71, a letter from Horus and a report on irrigation and sow
113/2 PTeb_38, a report from Menches to Horus.
113/6 PTeb_48, a petition from Horus to Menches.
110/8 PTeb_53, a petition from Horus to Petesuchus.

  Horus 4   - an Egyptian hawk-tender, 1st century B.C.
63/38 instructions from Dionysius for a payment to Horus the hawk-tender.

  Horus   - in documents
PCairZen_59243 the Ptolemaic Fayyum', p. 136 Horos to Zenon greeting.
PCairZen_59317 Year 36, Thoth 30. Horos, regarding papyrus scrolls and
PCairZen_59368 which had been leased to Horos and sons by a contract pass
PCairZen_59470 the first letter which Horos our agent has handed to you
PCairZen_59499 s?}, and this he sold to Horos, the one in charge of the
SelPap_1.108 Horus to the most honoured A
SelPap_1.13 I, Zoilus son of Horus son of Zoilus and of Dieus da
SelPap_1.38 umius also called Melas son of Horus. The 20th year of
SelPap_1.42 sed to Apollonius son of Horus, of the village of Sene
SelPap_1.69 I, Zoilus son of Horus, have written for him, as h
SelPap_1.76 hter of Stotoetis son of Horus, of the village of Socn
SelPap_2.263 ber 13, Hathur 17. Horus and Nonna and Dionysius being
SelPap_2.289 etesouchus son of Sotas, Horus whose mother is Thai
SelPap_2.345 ty. He is Aurelius Horus son of Pathotes, of the said
SelPap_2.358 son of Stotoetis son of Horus, collector of money t
SelPap_2.364 I, Aurelius Stephanus son of Horus . . ., of Anti
THI_102 (174)   gistrates. Since Horos and Apollodoros and Antiocho

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