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  Hermes   - Greek god of commerce; messenger of the gods
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[Longin]:Subl_4   "Having committed sacrilege against Hermes and mutilated his statues
Aelian:NA_10.29   to be beloved of Hermes the father of speech because its
Aelian:NA_11.10   immemorial precepts of Hermes erect a house where the
Aelian:NA_12.4   aid to be the darling of Hermes, the wide-wing, of Hera,
AET_8.12   men in it, even as Hermes and Horus, the son of
AnthPal_3.1   to heaven, preceded by Hermes, Satyrs, and Sileni escort
AnthPal_6.23   mous & { F 17 } & Hermes, dwelling in this wave-beaten
AnthPal_6.143   14 } & On a Statue of Hermes Pray that the herald of
AnthPal_6.144   dedicated this statue to Hermes, neither the beautiful-hai
AnthPal_6.282   RUS & { H 1 } & To you, Hermes, did Calliteles suspend
AnthPal_6.294   fatigue, dedicates to Hermes the Lord these tokens of
AnthPal_6.299   5 } & To you, wayside Hermes, I offer this portion of
AnthPal_6.306   tokens of his calling to Hermes : his pot, this flesh-hook
AnthPal_6.315   Bacchus and son of Arcadian Hermes. [316] NICODEMUS OF
AnthPal_7.545   H 5 } & They say that Hermes leads the just from the
AnthPal_9.317   tus. "No, goatherd, I swear by Hermes." & Silenus. "I swea
AnthPal_9.319   ycrites, set me up here, Hermes, presiding deity of the
AnthPal_10.12   ere under the juniper by Hermes, the guardian of the road
AnthPal_12.140   fair I said, so help me Hermes I did, that he was not fai
AnthPal_12.143   onymous & { H 14 } & "O Hermes, when shot he extracted
AnthPal_13.2   tratus dedicated to you, Hermes, messenger of Zeus, this
AnthPal_16.11   ere Nicagoras set me up, Hermes, the famous son of Maia,
AnthPal_16.186   2 } & On a Statue of Hermes Swift Hermes is my name,
AnthPal_16.188   H 7 } & On Another I, Hermes, whose domain is Cyllene's
AnthPal_16.191   3 } & On a Statue of Hermes I, a Hermes of our native
AnthPal_16.227   74 } & On a Statue of Hermes Throw yourself down here,
AnthPal_16.256   { F 75 } & On another Hermes The place where I dwell
AntipThes_9.72   & { G-P 95 } & Hermes, O shepherds, is easily contente
Anyte_9.314   17 } & Here stand I, Hermes, in the cross-roads by the
Archias_9.91   & { G-P 26 } & Hail ! Hermes, the Lord, who dwellest
Asclepiad_12.77   his splendour, never, by Hermes I swear it, would Cypris
Athen_2.39   with ambrosia crowned, & Which Hermes bore to all the gods
Athen_4.167   close to the statues of Hermes for Aristagora, higher tha
Athen_5.200   garlands of gold, and Hermes had a golden herald’s wand
Athen_6.259   him to sacrifice to the crafty Hermes. And when, after tha
Athen_7.289   owed him in the dress of Hermes, having on a cloak and bea
Athen_10.425   also represents Hermes as their cupbearer; as also does
Athen_11.460   in Semelē or Dionysus : 'Hermes, Maia's son in stone, whom
Athen_11.490   Peleiades in these lines : Hermes, god of the games, grants
Athen_12.537   appear in the guise of Hermes; at other times, and indee
Athen_12.552   Thesprotians, said- & O Hermes, sent by the gods above,
Athen_13.561   sia, along with those of Hermes and Heracles - the one of
Athen_14.639   rete, at the festival of Hermes, a similar thing takes pla
Callim:Epigr_46   & A lover thanks Hermes, god of luck, for his short wait
Crinag_6.100   same name, dedicated to Hermes, still burning in his hand
Crinag_6.253   ou, stone-heap raised in Hermes' honour, & be gracious
DiogLaert_7.166   Preparer; the Director; Hermes; Medeia; a book of Dialogu
Joseph:AJ_14.245   ytanes, the son of Hermes, a citizen of yours, came to me
Julian:Caes_307   all mine an invention of Hermes - for it was from him I
Julian:Caes_308   of the gods, not even Hermes tried to describe it in
Julian:Caes_311   lent. "What!" said Hermes, "have you nothing to say to us
Julian:Caes_315-319 *   for I forgot to interrogate Hermes on this point. Howev
Julian:Caes_330-336 *   ust this enquiry also to Hermes, and he was told to begin
Julian:Mis_354   of yours, a man dear to Hermes and to me, an excellent
LeonTar_6.296   } & Sosippus gives to Hermes, now that he has swum thro
LeonTar_6.309   { G-P 45 } & To Hermes Philocles here hangs up these
LeonTar_6.334   the water ; you square Hermes, & son of Maia, guardian
LeonTar_7.480   infernal powers, Pluto, Hermes and Night, keep clear of
LeonTar_9.316   as you see me, am Hermes, and this other fellow is Heracl
LeonTar_9.318   G-P 80 } & Dear Hermes, whose are this hillside rich
LeonTar_9.335   Miccalion ; but look, Hermes, how the excellent woodman
LeonTar_9.744   tiscs, dedicated here to Hermes, the giver of cheeses and
LeonTar_16.190   81 } & On a Statue of Hermes Morichus the goatherd set
Lucill_11.176   carried off the winged Hermes, the servant of the gods,
Lucill_11.179   ike his hands, Dion, and Hermes no longer, would be distin
MArgent_5.127   & * & Literally, "Hermes is shared." Treasure
Nicand:Al_560   the creature 560 that Hermes the Gracious endowed with
Nicarch_11.1   At the feast of Hermes, Aphrodisius, as he was carrying
Nicarch_11.124   ounterfeit sandals, like Hermes, he leads down his patient
OGIS_131   (136/5)   the very great god Hermes] also called Paotpnouphis
OGIS_230   (197-187)   ia, dedicated this to Hermes and Herakles and king
OGIS_553.B   (early 1st century) d flog and perform sacrifices; Hermes should hold him captured
Philip_6.5   already shaky, gives to Hermes these his rods with the
Philip_6.92   with age, dedicates to Hermes the windy bellows of his
Philip_6.259   you up, the beardless Hermes, by the starting point of
Philip_16.193   that is strange. Hermes & has made a new law against
Philip_16.215   the thyrse of Bacchus, Hermes' winged sandals, and Artem
Philoch_22   orm would be: "the Tricephalus Hermes". Philochorus in boo
Philoch_31   [31] & HESYCHIUS & Hermes of the agora: [A statue] was giv
Philoch_40   uda_E'3039 & A statue of Hermes "by the gate", dedicated
Philoch_133   SCHOL.AR.,LYS.1094 & "Hermes-mutilators" - these Hermes
Philoch_134   collaborated with the Hermes-mutilators, who were conde
Phld:Epigr_16.234   are the portion of wing-footed Hermes. Refuse me not a sac
Plin:HN_34.55   existence - and likewise the Hermes that was once at Lysimachea;
Plin:HN_34.80   of Naucydes rests on his Hermes and Discobolus {'Man throwing a
Plin:HN_34.87   artists named Cephisodotus; the Hermes Nursing Father Liber or
Plin:HN_34.89   made an Ares and a Hermes now in the temple of
Plin:HN_36.33   Stephanus, the double busts of Hermes and Eros by Tauriscus (not
Plin:HN_37.166   aedoeon, or 'sexual organ of Hermes,' is so called from its
Plinius:Ep_7.11   rprised that my freedman Hermes should have sold to Corell
Plut:Mor_834   lls us, the offspring of Hermes himself, for the race of
Plut:Mor_835   ere is an image of Hermes, called from his name, being giv
Plut:Mor_844   dedicated an altar to Hermes Agoraeos, and was to make
Polyaen_1.40.6   defacing the statues of Hermes and of profaning the myste
Polyaen_1.Preface   was Autolycus the son of Hermes [ Od_19'394 ]: & Going to
Polyaen_3.9.21   took and dedicated to Hermes of Friendship, as if to
PsCallisth_1.4   of a blood-red jewel, Hermes of emerald, Zeus of a caer
PsCallisth_1.12   now this star of Hermes, Queen, beside the One of Ill
PsCallisth_1.31   Mendidos to the little city of Hermes. But they do not cal
PsCallisth_1.47   oracle Apollo gave: & "Hermes, the great son of Alceus,
PsCallisth_2.13   Ammon in the guise of Hermes with wand and cloak and
PSI_528   tion for the festival of Hermes and of the Muses, for ever
SEG_23.547   (201/0)   (?) Aphrodite and] Hermes Hēgemōn [and (?
SEG_61.722.D   (111/0) Ares and Aphrodite 10 and Hermes and the Kouretes and the
SelPap_1.35   of Antinous also called Hermes, of Antinoopolis, ac
SelPap_1.79   I, Plution son of Hermes, have written for them, as
SelPap_1.84   my seal being an imprint of a Hermes, and I sealed
SelPap_2.343   Herieus son of Zoilus, Hermes son of Apunchis ; and
SelPap_2.357   the east the house of Hermes the pastophorus and pa
SelPap_2.395   ceivers of clothing, and Hermes, ex-agoranomus, to Her
Syll_1068   (2nd cent.) will dedicate a stone statue Hermes and he will provide two
Syll_546   (214/3)   ona to the shrine of Hermes on the Eurynia; from
Syll_714.A   (c. 100) ce performed a sacrifice to Hermes; the prize, also, offered
Syll_714.B   (c. 100) each month a sacrifice to Hermes and to Herakles in behalf
Syll_719   (97/6) dedicated this to Hermes Hegemonios.
Syll_773   (26/5) Apollo and priest of Hermes Patrōos of the Kerykes {Herald
THI_49   (153/2)   es that were held for Hermes and Herakles on behal
THI_150   (163-146)   ] fort to the white Hermes [opposite Stenitas], sha
THI_188.A   (Late 4th century) to her at night, and Hermes told her to serve as
THI_188.B   (Late 4th century) seen a sacred dream. For Hermes told her that she {Chrysogone}

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