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  Hermaeus   - a perfumer, c. 400 B.C.
Athen_13.612 ssion of the property of Hermaeus the perfumer, after havi

  Hermaeus 2   - an officer in the army of Mithridates VI
Memn_28 it. He appointed Hermaeus and (?) Marius to lead the foo

  Hermaeus 3   - the name of a month in some Greek calendars
Polyaen_8.33.1 start of the month of Hermaeus, when the women wear tun
SEG_43.311 (197-185)   day of the month of Hermaios, during the term of of
THI_55 (c. 200)   hon, in the month of Hermaios, Menekleis son of Di

  Hermaeus   - in documents
OGIS_345 (95/4)   rd for the palaistra: Hermaios [to the temple war
OGIS_59 (163)   ides Epinikos Diokles Hermaios Dionysodoros Archide
SEG_20.325 (281-261)   have set free Hermaios on behalf of king Antio
SEG_28.461 (287-280)   istion son of Hermaios and Pythodoros son of ...ikl
SelPap_1.116 asks (?) you to keep her son Hermaeus under your
SelPap_2.260 Eudaemon son of Hermaeus having been summoned in co
SelPap_2.287 from Saprion also called Hermaeus son of Sarapion, ex-
SelPap_2.317 To Diogenes also called Hermaeus, ex-exegetes, scrib
THI_105 (c. 200)   e with Enipas son of Hermaios in the month of Himal

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