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  Gracchus   (Ti. Sempronius Gracchus) - Roman consul, 238 B.C.
238/_ Consuls: Ti. Sempronius Ti.f. Gracchus, P. Valerius Q.f. Falto
    Within translations:
FastCap_p56 & Ti. Sempronius Ti.f. C.n. Gracchus , P. Valerius Q.f.

  Gracchus 2   (Ti. Sempronius Gracchus) - Roman consul, 215 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
215/_ onsuls: Ti. Sempronius Ti.f. Gracchus, L. Postumius A.f. Albinus (III
215/7 Gracchus enters office as sole consul, while Marcellus is sent to Cal
215/25 Gracchus defeats the Campanians at Hamae.
215/26 annibal fails to capture Cumae, after Gracchus comes to its defence.
215/40 Hannibal and Gracchus retire to winter quarters.
214/10 Gracchus defeats Hanno near Beneventum.
213/_ Consuls: Q. Fabius Q.f. Maximus, Ti. Sempronius Ti.f. Gracchus (II)
212/10 Snakes devour a sacrifice offered by Ti.Gracchus.
212/11 Ti.Gracchus is killed after being led into a trap by a Lucanian calle
    Within translations:
FastCap_p60 ronius Ti.f. Ti.n. Gracchus - in order to manage public
Polyaen_6.38.1 Hannibal the body of (?) Gracchus ["Flavius" in

  Gracchus 6   (Ti. Sempronius Gracchus) - Roman consul, 177 B.C.
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  + Tiberius
187/9 leaves Rome, and the tribune Ti.Gracchus intervenes to prevent his
187/12 Gracchus saves L.Scipio from imprisonment.
187/13 Gracchus marries Cornelia.
179/18 Gracchus subdues the Celtiberi.
178/2 Gracchus establishes peace in eastern Spain.
178/5 The triumph of Gracchus, over the Celtiberi.
177/_ Consuls: C. Claudius Ap.f. Pulcher, Ti. Sempronius P.f. Gracchus
177/4 Gracchus defeats the Sardinians.
175/14 The triumph of Ti.Gracchus, from Sardinia.
169/2 Claudius and Gracchus are elected censors, and help the consuls to
169/38 The censor Gracchus enrols freedmen into one of the urban tribes.
166/8 Ti.Gracchus delivers a speech in Greek at Rhodes.
166/17 Ti.Gracchus arrives to assess the situation in Syria, and is entertai
165/13 Gracchus subdues the Cammani.
163/_ Consuls: Ti. Sempronius P.f. Gracchus (II), M'. Juventius T.f. Thalna
163/28 Ti.Gracchus makes a small technical error while taking the auspices
163/32 Gracchus puts down a rebellion in Sardinia.
160/7 Roman recognition as king of Syria, with the support of Ti.Gracchus.
149/32 Cato asks for Ti.Gracchus as his judge.
148/31 lia bears twelve children to Ti.Gracchus, alternating between sons
148/32 General comments on the patriotic virtues of Ti.Gracchus.
148/33 Ti.Gracchus the elder dies, shortly after discovering two snakes
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_79 same time lived Tiberius Gracchus, the son of Publius, who
CIL_11.1830 ) Ti. Sempronius Gracchus. Found at Arre
Diod_34.5 cchus was the son of the Tiberius who had twice been consu
FastCap_p64 , Ti. Sempronius P.f. Ti.n. Gracchus & [p66] [176] &
FastCap_p66 pronius P.f. Ti.n. Gracchus - they completed the 52nd lust
FastTr_p103 ronius P.f. Ti.n.] Gracchus, [proconsul, & over the Celt]i
GranLic_5 goddess. &# When Gracchus, [6] whom I mentioned previous
GranLic_8 to posterity. &# The same Ti.Gracchus, who had driven
Schol:Bob_81 family of P.Africanus and Ti.Gracchus except myself and

  Gracchus 7   (Ti. Sempronius Gracchus) - tribune of the plebs, 133 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Gracchan , Sempronius
137/2 Ti.Gracchus marries Claudia.
133/6 Ti.Gracchus proposes an agrarian law.
133/8 Gracchus' agrarian law is passed, and three commissioners are appoint
133/15 Gracchus proposes to share out the money left by Attalus.
133/16 T.Annius Luscus challenges Gracchus.
133/24 comments on the character of Ti.Gracchus, and his controversial caree
133/25 Gracchus is killed by his opponents, led by P.Scipio Nasica.
133/30 Scipio Aemilianus receives the news of Gracchus' death.
133/32 P.Crassus is chosen to succeed Gracchus on the agrarian commission.
133/34 Gracchus' supporters try to bring Scipio Nasica to trial, but Scaevol
132/2 The trial of the followers of Ti.Gracchus, and death of Diophanes.
132/19 ary stones are put up by the Gracchan agrarian commision, led by P.Cr
131/6 tribunes, and says that the killing of Ti.Gracchus was justified.
131/17 640, two boundary stones put up by the Gracchan agrarian commision.
127/8 The ghost of Ti.Gracchus appears to his brother Gaius in a dream.
102/26 Metellus refuses to accept L.Equitius as the "son" of Ti.Gracchus.
Plutarch,- PLUTARCH, Ti.Gracchus
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_81 that against Tiberius Gracchus, which we have a full
Cic:Brut_95 eated his rival Tiberius Gracchus by the mere dint of his
Cic:Brut_96 C. Carbo and Tib. Gracchus, two accomplished youths who
Cic:Brut_99 excellent speech against Gracchus, who proposed the admiss
Cic:Brut_100 Fannius to pronounce, Gracchus would certainly have tak
Cic:Brut_103 Caius Carbo and T. Gracchus, I wish they had been as well
Cic:Brut_104 tive in eloquence. Gracchus had the advantage of being car
Cic:Brut_107 ivate capacity) T. Gracchus was assassinated, was not only
Cic:Brut_128 their judges, who were of the Gracchan party. [129] &
Cic:Brut_170 temporary with Ti. Gracchus, was universally esteemed the
Cic:Brut_212 the arbitrary influence of T. Gracchus,- and Q. Scaevola,
Cic:Brut_222 procure the repeal of Sempronius's corn-act, by the vot
CIL_6.40942 imed to be the son of Tiberius Gracchus, to be reco
CIL_1.719 Record of re-establishment of Gracchan boundary-stones
Diod_* 34.5-7 * [5] & Tiberius Gracchus was the son of the Tiberius
Diod_34.33 hands killed Tiberius Gracchus, who was aiming at tyran

  Gracchus 8   (C. Sempronius Gracchus) - tribune of the plebs, 123 B.C.
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  + Gaius , Gracchi , Sempronius
148/34 saying of Cornelia about her young children, Ti. and C.Gracchus.
138/23 C.Gracchus joins the Roman army.
132/1 Cornelia, the mother of the Gracchi, retires to Misenum.
127/1 C.Gracchus speaks in defence of Vettius.
127/8 The ghost of Ti.Gracchus appears to his brother Gaius in a dream.
126/7 C.Gracchus takes part in the fighting in Sardinia, as quaestor.
125/1 C.Gracchus obtains winter provisions for Orestes' army from the allie
124/1 C.Gracchus returns to Rome from Sardinia, and defends his conduct bef
124/4 Gracchus is elected tribune for the following year.
123/2 C.Gracchus proposes a law to bar the reappointment of deposed magistr
123/3 C.Gracchus passes a law to prohibit the execution of Roman citizens
123/10 C.Gracchus passes an agrarian law.
123/11 C.Gracchus passes a law to regulate the conditions of military servic
123/12 C.Gracchus passes a law to introduce a corn dole at Rome, despite the
123/13 C.Gracchus passes a law to transfer the membership of the courts from
123/14 C.Gracchus encourages the foundation of Roman colonies, especially
123/15 C.Gracchus oversees the construction of new roads in Italy.
123/16 ius is elected to be consul, with the help of support from Gracchus.
123/17 Elections for new tribunes at Rome: C.Gracchus is re-elected.
122/2 C.Gracchus passes a law about the allocation of provinces to the cons
122/3 C.Gracchus passes a law about the taxation of the provinces (? i.e.
122/4 C.Gracchus passes a law against judicial conspiracy.
122/5 Gracchus proposes more colonies and citizenship for the Italian allie
122/7 Drusus proposes some popular laws, in opposition to Gracchus.
122/8 Gracchus goes to Carthage to organize the refounding of the city.
122/9 Drusus attacks Flaccus while Gracchus is absent in Carthage.
122/14 Gracchus fails to be elected tribune for a further year.
122/17 Q.Aelius Tubero opposes the reforms of Gracchus.
122/19 Glabrio, a colleague of Gracchus, passes a law against extortion, the
121/1 Minucius and Opimius revoke some of Gracchus' laws.
121/4 Q.Antyllius is killed by supporters of Gracchus.
121/5 C.Gracchus buys some figures of dolphins made out of silver.
121/6 emotional passage from an unknown speech by Gracchus.
121/7 comments on the character of C.Gracchus, his revolutionary career,
121/8 passes the Ultimate Decree, Gracchus and Flaccus are killed in fight
121/10 The consul Opimius punishes the supporters of Gracchus severely.
121/11 sons, and a statue is erected of her as "the mother of the Gracchi".
Plutarch,- PLUTARCH, C.Gracchus
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_109 thwarted his colleague Gracchus (then raised to the same
Cic:Brut_110 Scaurus, P. Rutilius, and C. Gracchus. It will not be
Cic:Brut_117 and a warm opposer of Gracchus, as appears from an orat
Cic:Brut_124 ave a man here [C. Gracchus], who had an amazing genius,
Cic:Brut_128 the influence of Caius Gracchus) was a man of spirit,
Cic:Brut_211 nelia, the mother of the Gracchi; and are satisfied, that
Cic:Brut_224 since the time of the Gracchi, he was generally esteeme
Cic:Brut_296 is equally true of the Gracchi: though, in some particul
Cic:Brut_333 of his successors the Gracchi was far more easy and liv
CIL_6.10043 of Africanus, mother of the Gracchi. CIL_6.1273 & (
CIL_1.639 aft of the pillar: Gaius Sempronius, son of Tiberius;
CIL_1.640 shaft Gaius Sempronius Gracchus, son of Tiberius; Ap
CIL_1.643 Marcus; Gaius Sempronius Gracchus, son of Tiberius; G
CIL_1.644 Marcus; Gaius Sempronius Gracchus, son of Tiberius; G
CIL_1.719 pius Claudius, and Gaius Gracchus, Board of Three for
Diod_* 34.24-29 * showed favour to him {Gracchus}, not only when he took
Diod_34.28a tions. [28a] &   Gracchus opposed them with many support
Diod_37.9 senate had threatened Gracchus with war for transferrin
Plinius:Ep_1.20 Greeks, and those of the Gracchi and Cato from among Roman
Plut:Agis_2 fortunes of Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus. In point of dispo
Plut:Mor_201 ontroversy with C. Gracchus concerning the senate and the
Schol:Bob_81 inion, he has imitated C.Gracchus; for Gracchus said about
Schol:Bob_96 and was a deadly enemy of C.Gracchus. A speech of Gracc
Schol:Bob_118 against the triumvir C.Gracchus and his colleagues, argu
Schol:Bob_174 the examples of C.Gracchus and L.Saturninus, of whom the
THI_215 the province, passed by Gaius Gracchus in 123/2 B.

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