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  Gemellus   - a messenger of the Roman tribunes, 1st century B.C.
52/67 Gemellus invites Metellus Scipio and the tribunes to an orgy.

  Gemellus   - in documents
CIL_1.1793 of Gaius, Gaius Pettius Gemellus son of Vibius, and L
SelPap_1.109 Lucius Bellenus Gemellus a to his son S
SelPap_1.121 his wife and Saturnilus and Gemellus and Helena and
SelPap_1.15 chus, through his friend Gemellus, to Apollonius, wr
SelPap_1.17 edges to Lucius Bellenus Gemellus, discharged legion
SelPap_1.186 for entertaining the wife of Gemellus 4 ob. ; per
SelPap_1.85 Antistius Petronianus, Julius Gemellus, veteran. Tran
SelPap_2.260 Marcus Anthestius Gemellus, veteran, expressed in the
SelPap_2.283 Egypt, from Marcus Valerius Gemellus, physician. Co
SelPap_2.315 Petronius, and Julius Gemellus, all three veterans,
SelPap_2.421 other. C. Veturius Gemellus, aged 21, without descript

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