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  Gela   - a city in southern Sicily
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321/15 rescues a Syracusan force which is attacked by Sostratus at Gela.
314/20 agrees peace terms with the cities of Acragas, Gela, and Messene.
312/19 Carthaginian army takes up a strong position near Gela.
311/11 Agathocles enters Gela and massacres his opponents there.
311/25 Agathocles escapes to Gela, where he beats off a Carthaginian attack.
292/5 The comic poet Apollodorus of Gela is a contemporary of Menander.
281/17 ias moves the inhabitants of Gela to a new city called Phintias, but
    Within translations:
AntipThes_9.96   G-P 21 } & Antigenes of Gela, when he was already on his
Athen_4.162   162] But Archestratus of Gela, in his treatise on Gastrono
Athen_11.472     {44.}   Apollodorus of Gela says, in Brothers in Love
Simonid_7.508   - } & His city Gela buried here Pausanias, son of Anch
THI_210.C3   ((?) c. 250) by the council. Since the Geloans, when we previously lived in
ValMax_4.8e.2   fed and clad five hundred Gelan horsemen, who by a tempest

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