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  Galilee   - a region in northern Palestine
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  + Galilaean , Galileans , Galilees
163/18 Simon invades Galilee.
125/15 The birth of Alexander Jannaeus, who is brought up in Galilee.
52/43 C.Cassius captures Tarichaeae in Galilee.
47/37 points his sons Phasael and Herodes to govern Jerusalem and Galilee.
39/17 Herodes conquers Galilee.
38/6 Herodes suppresses brigands in Galilee.
    Within translations:
1Macc_5 garments rent, came from Galilee and made a similar report
1Macc_* 10-12 * to it from Samaria and Galilee, from this day and for
Eupolemus_5 rst subdued Samaria, and Galilee, and Scythopolis, and the
Euseb]:Chron_115 tal, but gave him a country in Galilee also, that was call
Hieron:Chron_2018 Agrippa as his sons. Judas the Galilaean incited the Jews
Joseph:AJ_* 12.331-336 * other messengers out of Galilee, who informed him that
Joseph:AJ_12.350 time when Simon was in Galilee, fighting against the peo
Joseph:AJ_12.421 amp at Arbela, a city of Galilee; and having besieged and
Joseph:AJ_13.50 to Judaea, Samaria, and Galilee, and Peraea, that I relin
Joseph:AJ_13.125 Samaria, and Peraea, and Galilee, he complied with the pro
Joseph:AJ_13.154 land of the Tyrians and Galilee,) for they supposed they
Joseph:AJ_13.158 Jonathan removed out of Galilee, and from the waters whic
Joseph:AJ_13.191 and left two thousand in Galilee; and he himself, with one
Joseph:AJ_13.192 ousand that were left in Galilee, in order to destroy them
Joseph:AJ_13.322 him to be brought up in Galilee However, God did not dece
Joseph:AJ_13.337 upon Asochis, a city of Galilee, and took it by force on
Joseph:AJ_14.91 and the fifth at Sepphoris in Galilee. So the Jews were
Joseph:AJ_14.158 about it, but committed Galilee to Herodes, his next son,
Joseph:AJ_14.169 settled the affairs of Galilee in the best manner he cou
Joseph:AJ_14.274 is required of him from Galilee before others, he was in
Joseph:AJ_14.298 Marion also marched into Galilee, which lay in his neighbo
Joseph:AJ_14.342 and when they were in Galilee, the governors of the cit
Joseph:AJ_14.394 ountrymen, and marched through Galilee against Antigonus.
Joseph:AJ_14.395 eased every day, and all Galilee, with some small exceptio
Joseph:AJ_14.411 come over to him, Judaea, and Galilee, and Samaria. [412]
Joseph:AJ_14.413 Masada, and went into Galilee, to take certain places
Joseph:AJ_14.417 brought over to him all Galilee, excepting those that dwe
Joseph:AJ_14.432 had been troublesome to Galilee before attacked him, and
Joseph:AJ_14.450 which defeat, the Galileans revolted from their commander
Joseph:AJ_14.452 his army, and proceeded along Galilee. [453] Here it was
Joseph:BJ_01.21 ries were cut off in all Galilee; and how he took some of
Joseph:BJ_01.22 amplitude of both the Galilees, with its nature, and
Joseph:BJ_01.76 martial ornaments, in Galilee; and because his present
Joseph:BJ_01.170 allotted Sepphoris, a city of Galilee. So the people were
Joseph:BJ_01.203 ung, with equal authority into Galilee. [204] Now Herodes
Joseph:BJ_01.210 soon as the affairs of Galilee would give him leave, he
Joseph:BJ_01.221 ringing his share out of Galilee, which was a hundred tale
Joseph:BJ_01.238 of the Tyrians, out of Galilee, when he had already poss
Joseph:BJ_01.256 when they were come to Galilee, they found that the peop
Joseph:BJ_01.290 ymen, he marched through Galilee against Antigonus, wherei
Joseph:BJ_01.291 he went along, and all Galilee, with few exceptions, joi
Joseph:BJ_01.302 into Judaea, [or Idumaea,] and Galilee, and Samaria. Antig
Joseph:BJ_01.303 the remaining parts of Galilee, and to drive away the
Joseph:BJ_01.307 the river [Jordan;] and Galilee was freed from the terror
Joseph:BJ_01.315 used to raise tumults in Galilee, having liberty so to do
Joseph:BJ_01.326 now the affairs of Galilee were put in such disorder after
Joseph:BJ_01.329 made an irruption into Galilee, and met his enemies, and
Joseph:BJ_1.400 lay between Trachonitis and Galilee. Yet, what was stil
MegTaan_12 Gentiles on the Jews in Galilee in 66 A.D.] On the 20th
PLond_1948 the biblical Beth-Anath, in Galilee. Glaukias to Apollo

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