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  Galatia   - a region in central Anatolia, occupied by invading Celts
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  + Galatian , Galatians , Gallograecia , Gallograecians , Gauls
278/18 band of Gauls led by Comontorius forces the Byzantines to pay tribu
278/21 Nicomedes helps the Gauls to cross over from Thrace to Asia.
278/24 Nicomedes uses the Gauls as allies in a civil war against Zipoetes.
277/8 The Gauls gain control of a large area in Asia Minor.
277/9 Negotiations between Antigonus and the Gauls.
277/10 Antigonus Gonatas defeats the Gauls near Lysimacheia.
272/16 Galatian mercenaries hired by Mithridates and Ariobarzanes defeat an
270/14 ree of Priene in honour of Sotas, for bravery against the Galatians.
269/12a Incidents from the raids by bands of Gauls in Asia Minor.
269/12b Demonice offers to betray Ephesus to the Gauls.
269/13 Antiochus defeats the Gauls in the "elephant battle".
266/3 Antigonus puts down a mutiny by a group of Galatian mercenaries.
254/6c 42, a decree of Tlos honouring a general who defeated the Galatians.
249/6 The Gauls ravage the territory of Mithridates of Pontus, and of his
240/10 Eumenes narrowly escapes being captured by Galatians.
239/20 efeated by Antiochus and the Galatians at Ancyra; he escapes but his
237/10 Attalus defeats the Galatians by the river Caicus.
228/7 ats Antiochus Hierax and the Galatians in two battles, by Lake Colo'e
226/6 Antiochus Hierax is killed by a band of Gauls.
216/30 Prusias defeats the Gauls near Arisba.
212/6 rus, the king of the Thracian Gauls, offers assistance to Byzantium.
189/6 ommand of the Roman army in Asia and advances against the Galatians.
189/11 Manlius defeats the Galatians at Mt.Olympus.
189/17 Manlius defeats the Galatians at Mt.Magaba.
188/7 comments on Manlius' ill-disciplined campaign against the Galatians.
187/20 umph of Cn.Manlius, over the Galatians, which brings back new luxurie
184/5 Ortiagon attempts to gain control of all Galatia.
168/51 The Galatians attack Eumenes.
167/12 arrange an end to the fighting between Eumenes and the Galatians.
166/12 Eumenes defeats the Galatians.
165/2 The senate promises a Galatian embassy that their country will remain
163/17 assies investigate the dispute between Ariarathes and the Galatians.
159/11b ter of Attalus concerning Aribazus, the commander of some Galatians.
86/31 Mithridates murders the tetrarchs of Galatia and their families.
66/12 Pompeius meets Lucullus in Galatia, and takes charge of the rest
57/58 rus expands his power, and dominates the other tetrarchs of Galatia.
54/6 sails from Brundisium with his army, and proceeds through Galatia.
48/46 Deiotarus leaves Pompeius, and returns home to Galatia.
40/39 The death of Deiotarus, king of Galatia.
    Within translations:
2Macc_8 of the battle with the Galatians that took place in Baby
Aelian:NA_17.19 says that the eastern Galatians* act as follows, and
Anyte_7.492 less love of the impious Gauls, three maidens, your citize
Athen_2.58 all the leaders of the Galatians, and then plotted again
Athen_4.150 s." [34.] "But among the Galatians," says Phylarchus in
Athen_5.194 acians and five thousand Galatians; these were followed
Athen_13.593 ucus was defeated by the Galatians, and was with difficult
Diod_40.4 kingdom of Ariobarzanes, Galatia and the territories and
Euseb]:Chron_95 to this, when he says [ Galatians, 3'17-18 ]: "The
Euseb]:Chron_235 killed in battle against the Galatians. He reigned for
Euseb]:Chron_251 ity of Sardis; he also had the Galatians as allies in two
Euseb]:Chron_253 attacked and killed by a Galatian called Nicanor, in about
Festus:Brev.11 King Nicomedes. Gallograecia -- that is Galatia (and
GranLic_27 sia, Bithynia, Paphlagonia and Gallograecia. 75 He should
Hieron:Chron_1852 Macedonians, Illyrians, and Galatians. 154th OLYMPIAD
Hieron:Chron_1992 Calabria and Gaul [ or "the Galatians" - Ar.] to tribut
Hieron:Chron_1993 189.1 . [1993] M.Lollius made Galatia a Roman province.
Joseph:AJ_12.414 hey had conquered in war Galatia, and Iberia, and Carthage
Joseph:BJ_1.397 present of four hundred Gauls {Galatians} as a guard for
Joseph:BJ_1.437 there submerged by the Gauls, at Herodes' command, in
Just_25.2 The nation of the Gauls, however, was at that time so pro
Just_26.2 new enemy, an army from Gallograecia, was coming upon him
Just_27.2 having hired an army of Gauls, brought hostilities instea
Just_27.3 orious Antiochus and the Gauls, as if he intended to take
Just_37.4 by threats, he seized also on Galatia. As for Nicomedes,
Just_* 38.3-6 * adors to the Cimbri, the Gallograecians, the Sarmatians,
Just_41.4 ucus was overcome by the Gauls in Asia, and being conseque
LeonTar_6.130 lds, spoils of the brave Gauls, did Molossian Pyrrhus hang
Malal_221 Octavianus reduced Galatia to submission, after the defeat
Memn_* 11-20 * ing. [11] When the Gauls came to Byzantium and ransacked
Memn_27 phlagonia Timonitis into Galatia, and nine days later arri
Memn_30 pursued by some Gauls, who did not realise who he was,
OGIS_269 (c. 238-227)   ng] the Tolistoagian [Galatians] in battle by [the
OGIS_273 (c. 238-227)   istoagioi [and Tektosages] Galatians and against An
OGIS_280 (229-197)   battles against the Galatians and Antiochos, as a
OGIS_298 (c. 183)   against the Bithynians and Galatians near the Lyped
Paean:Delph_1 and as the aggression of the Galatians . . . LIMENIUS
Phylarch_2 ublic banquets of Ariamnes the Galatian. [3] & Athen_10.41
Phylarch_9 served at the banquets of the Galatians. [10] & Athen_3.8
Phylarch_30 Seleucus, is captured by the Galatians. [31] & Athen_6.2
Phylarch_49 Centaretus, one of the Galatians, caught his horse and
Phylarch_50 Bithynians is killed by the Galatians. [51] & Plut:Cleo
Plut:Mor_184 ucus was overcome by the Galatians, and was not to be hear
Polyaen_4.8.1 closely pursued by the Galatians, and at the same time
Polyaen_4.20.1 an engagement with the Gauls, to whom he was very inferi
Polyaen_8.39.1 natus possessed tetrarchies in Galatia. Camma, the wife
Polyaen_8.61.1 cus, was defeated by the Gauls at Ancyra, and fell into
SEG_44.1113 (36-25)   the tetrarch of the Galatians, for the war against the
SEG_54.1442 (c. 255)   Agrianians, And the Galatians, as many as I opposed
SEG_57.1109 (c. 166)   from the . . . against the Galatians . . . [B] &t
THI_116 (184)   and Ortiagon and the Galatians and their allies - s
THI_215 borders] of Cappadocia, Galatia and Bithynia surround
THI_6 [pat]or, tetrarch of the Galatian Tolistobogii and Tro
THI_84 (170-159)   zos, commander of the Galatians from Kleonnaeion, a

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