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  Fortuna   - the Roman goddess of fortune
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  + Fortune
194/20 dedicated to Juno Matuta, Faunus, Fortuna Primigenia, and Jupiter.
173/2 vius dedicates the temple of Fortuna Equestris, for which he strips
110/11 _674, the dedication of a wall at Capua to Spes, Fides, and Fortuna.
101/29 atulus dedicates a temple to Fortuna Huiusce Diei, and uses the booty
80/29 has a mosaic floor installed in the temple of Fortuna at Praeneste.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.48   ne, son of Gaius, gave this to Fortune out of spoils.
CIL_1.60   this for my people's sake, to Fortune, first-born dau
CIL_1.1445-1447 *   one. Praeneste. To Fortuna Primigenia; bestowed as a
CIL_1.1450   stowed this as a gift on Fortuna Primigenia, willingly
CIL_1.2235   Dedications at Praeneste to Fortuna Primigenia. C
CIL_1.656   near Florence. To Fortune, as a sacred gift from T
CIL_1.674   ii] A wall to Hope, Faith, and Fortune. Found at Ca
CIL_1.977-980 *   bestow this as a gift on Fors Fortuna. Foremen: Gaius
CIL_add.7   (early 1st cent.)   lic Holiday. To Feronia, Fortuna Primigenia and
CIL_add.8   (1st cent. A.D.)   her to make supplication to Fortuna Virilis. The hu
Obseq_16   temple of Juno Regina and Fortuna was struck, and around about
Plin:HN_8.194   also in the shrine of Fortune a pleated royal robe made
Plin:HN_8.197   with which the statue of Fortune dedicated by him was draped,
Plin:HN_33.61   the faithfully gilded statue of Fortuna in that place. [62] The
Plin:HN_36.163   Nero rebuilt the temple of Fortuna, known as the shrine of
SelPap_1.62   fice at Oxyryhnchus, priest of Fortune, greeting. I ac
ValMax_1.1.20   Juno to the shrine of Fortuna Equestris, which he was then
ValMax_1.3.2   go to Praeneste to consult Fortune; they judged it right that
ValMax_1.8.11   untouched, when the temple of Fortune was consumed by fire. The
ValMax_1.8.4     The image also of Fortuna Muliebris, about four miles from
ValMax_1.8e.4   [8e.4]   Thus savage Fortune took speech away from her,
ValMax_3.2.12   his honour. Crassus showed Fortune that she intended to
ValMax_3.4.4   his father's butcher stall. Yet Fortune thought it not enough to
ValMax_4.5.3   a splendid act of modesty. Fortune, not without some ill will,
ValMax_5.1.10   of the Roman empire (so Fortune turns the scales of human
ValMax_5.2.1   temple and an altar to Fortune of Women, in the very
ValMax_6.8.1   firm to preserve his master. Fortune might be deservedly blamed, for
ValMax_6.9.10-15 *   with L. Censorinus. Thus Fortune shuffled him between honour
ValMax_6.9e.4   [9e.4]   Two different Fortunes shared Alcibiades between them.
ValMax_6.9e.5   in such a prodigality of Fortune's favours, that he was admired
ValMax_8.11e.7   out his own work. But Fortune directed his hand first to

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