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  Fimbria   (C. Flavius Fimbria) - Roman consul, 104 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
104/_ Consuls: C. Marius C.f. II, C. Flavius C.f. Fimbria
102/7 Scaurus accuses Memmius and Fimbria of extortion.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_129   der) flourished C. Fimbria, who was rather rough and abusi
Cic:Brut_168   enced a prosecution against C. Fimbria, the father of M.
Cic:DeOr_2.91   style of speaking which Gaius Fimbria had, though he succeeds in
ValMax_7.2.4   an act was that of Fimbria the ex-consul! When he was

  Fimbria 2   (C. Flavius Fimbria) - a supporter of Marius; died in 85 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Fimbrian
87/34 Fimbria defeats P.Crassus.
87/59 C.Fimbria refuses to make a judgement on the character of M.Lutatius
87/60 C.Fimbria is a competent, though rather harsh, orator.
86/9 Fimbria attempts to murder Scaevola at Marius' funeral, and then pros
86/44 Flaccus quarrels with his legate C.Fimbria.
85/1 Fimbria murders Flaccus and takes over command of his army.
85/3 Fimbria defeats Mithridates' son and forces Mithridates out of Pergam
85/4 after Lucullus refuses to cooperate with Fimbria in capturing him.
85/8 Fimbria captures and sacks Ilium.
85/9 Fimbria's cruel treatment of Nicomedeia, Cyzicus, and other cities
85/21 The determined character and unsophisticated oratory of C.Fimbria.
85/22 Fimbria commits suicide.
85/23 Fannius and Magius escape from Fimbria's army, and join Mithridates.
72/5 to win over soldiers from Fimbria's army, who are still serving
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_233   ssed antagonist C. Fimbria was not able to maintain his
Diod_38.8   funds. [8] &   Fimbria, having out-paced Flaccus, and
FGrH_252.A   B.C.]. From when Fimbria defeated Mithridates' army near
GranLic_21   with the help of Flavius Fimbria he enlisted the Samnites
GranLic_24   ing in battle with Fimbria, he was miserably defeated but
GranLic_26   larmed by the arrival of Fimbria, as I shall explain in
Memn_24   nate sent Valerius Flaccus and Fimbria to fight against
Memn_28   prisoners. The Fimbrian soldiers were concerned that
Obseq_56b   set on fire by C. Fimbria, the most venerable statue stood
Oros_5.20   of Marius, the insanity of Fimbria, and the audacity of Sertorius,
Oros_6.2   11 Fimbria became enraged at the inhabitants
ValMax_9.11.2   act and saying of C. Fimbria; though considered by themselves, they

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