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  Falisci   - an Italian tribe, living in and around Falerii
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  + Faliscan , Faliscans
293/12 The Faliscans join an Etruscan revolt.
293/15 defeats the Etruscans, and forces the Faliscans to sue for peace.
240/2 The triumph of Torquatus, over the Faliscans.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.2437   ext (ii) Found near Corchiano, Faliscan territory. Me
CIL_1.364   ded (?). CIL_1 .364 Faliscan cooks in Sardi
FastTr_p101   C.n. Cerco, consul, & over the Falisci, k.Mart. (1st March
ValMax_6.5.1   power of the Romans, the Falisci would submit to our general.

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