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  Eurypylus   - son of Poseidon; king of Cos
Wikipedia entry
Athen_13.598 honour the townsmen of Eurypylus, the men of Cos, raised

  Eurypylus 2   - son of Poseidon; king of Cyrene
Wikipedia entry
Phylarch_15 APOLLONIUS of RHODES & Eurypylus, the king of Cyrene,
Phylarch_16 says that, when Eurypylus was king of Cyrene, [the woma

  Eurypylus 3   - a Greek writer
Athen_11.508 of Lampsacus (as Eurypylus says, and Dicaeocles of Cnidu

  Eurypylus 4   - Thessalian king at the time of the Trojan War
Wikipedia entry
Aelian:NA_13.7 atroclus fomented the wound of Eurypylus in our noble Home

  Eurypylus   - in documents
Syll_322 Stesileōs son of Eurypylos Histiaios son of S

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