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  Epeiph   - the eleventh month in the Egyptian year
3Macc_6 Pachon to the fourth of Epeiph, for forty days; and their
ExcBarb_50A of July, on the 18th day of Epeiph. Augustus (VIII) and
OGIS_59 (163)   r 18, Audnaios 15, which is Epeiph 15. . . . Theoge
PCairZen_59148 cketed} & Year 30, Panemos 12, Epeiph 2. & From Hierokles,
PCairZen_59223 measured out on the 10th of Epeiph in the 32nd year.
PCairZen_59241 the wool. Farewell. Year 33 , Epeiph 28. zzzzzFROM HOROS
SEG_46.2120 (257)   er, year 28, month of Epeiph; Rhodon of Ptolemais,
SelPap_1.113 on the 6th of the month Epeiph and we unloaded our c
SelPap_1.115 for me. Goodbye, my lord... Epeiph 24. {Addressed
SelPap_1.131 have paid the interest up to Epeiph at the rate of a
SelPap_1.159 sting health, my lord and son. Epeiph 22. {Addressed
SelPap_1.19 of the present month of Epeiph you have the right to
SelPap_1.36 the most noble Caesars, Epeiph 12, in the consulshi
SelPap_1.52 Trajanus Hadrianus Augustus, Epeiph 24. {Signed} I,
SelPap_1.61 ternal Augustus and Imperator, Epeiph . . ., 1st indic
SelPap_1.77 Sarmaticus Germanicus Maximus, Epeiph 4. {Signed} I, D
SelPap_1.9 ion and dissolution written on Epeiph 11, 11th indict
SelPap_2.305 presentation. The 10th year, Epeiph 21. (Annotation)
SelPap_2.315 II Trajana Fortis, from Epeiph 25 to Thoth 29 of the
SelPap_2.318 Decius Pius Felix Augustus, Epeiph 3. I, Aurelius G
SelPap_2.326 Augustus son of the Augustus, Epeiph 12, at the cit
SelPap_2.366 (3rd-2nd cent.)   n advanced payment for Epeiph twenty-two artabae of
SelPap_2.371 1 tal. 4000 dr. Epeiph 8, by the same person and
SelPap_2.380 mae 1 /2 obols. On Epeiph 10, for embankment-tax 6 dra
SelPap_2.390 of Pachon to the thirtieth of Epeiph. Signed by me, C
SelPap_2.406 72 drachmae 18 obols ; Epeiph, 72 drachmae 18 obo
SelPap_2.423 of Hadrianus Caesar Augustus, Epeiph 16. I pray for
THI_260 (186)   r 19, on the 24th day of Epeiph. His son was kil
AET_8.13 (c. 90)   }, day 7 of the month Epeiph, in the time of the ma
AET_9.2 (164)   monthis [in] year 12, Epeiph the third epagomenal
AET_5.4 (42)   in the 23rd year {22 Epeiph = 25 July 58 B.C.}, my
AET_4.12 (41)   r 11, the 15th of [Epeiph] {3 July 41 B.C.} was the

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