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  Emmaus   - a town in Judaea, north-west of Jerusalem
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165/11 Judas defeats a Syrian force led by Gorgias at Emmaus.
    Within translations:
1Macc_3 rived they encamped near Emmaus in the plain. 41 When the
1Macc_4 tack the king's force in Emmaus while the division was
1Macc_9 fortress in Jericho, and Emmaus, and Beth-horon, and Bethe
Joseph:AJ_12.298 came as far as the city Emmaus, and pitched their camp
Joseph:AJ_12.306 to those enemies that were at Emmaus. So that when Gorgia
Joseph:AJ_12.307 ose enemies that were at Emmaus, with only three thousand
Joseph:AJ_13.15 demolished; Jericho, and Emmaus, and Bethhoron, and Bethel
Joseph:AJ_14.275 which were Gophna and Emmaus; and, besides these, Lydia
Joseph:AJ_14.436 he retired to the city Emmaus; and what Jews he met with
Joseph:BJ_01.222 ade slaves of Gophna and Emmaus, and two others of less
Joseph:BJ_01.319 had done, and retired to Emmaus to Herodes; and as he was

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