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  Egypt   - a country in north-east Africa
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  + Egyptian , Egyptians
323/53 blishes himself as satrap of Egypt - counted as the beginning of his
322/13a Ptolemy kills Cleomenes, the previous governor of Egypt.
321/21 torian Theopompus travels to Egypt, but Ptolemy refuses to receive
320/2 nsults with his advisers, and decides to attack Ptolemy in Egypt.
320/6 settles affairs in Babylonia and Cyprus, before advancing to Egypt.
311/4 Ptolemy retreats back to Egypt.
311/5 Ptolemy settles some of the Jews in Egypt.
308/16 pon to leave Megara and come to Egypt with him, but Stilpon refuses.
308/20 Ptolemy holds a feast to celebrate his return to Egypt.
306/13 ius takes control of Cyprus, but allows Menelaus to escape to Egypt.
306/21 Antigonus invades Egypt, and advances as far as the Nile.
306/23 Antigonus retreats out of Egypt after his troops start to desert.
302/16 maeus retreats from Sidon to Egypt, after hearing a false rumour
297/20 alereus leaves Greece, and goes to the court of Ptolemy in Egypt.
293/20 The first Egyptian embassy to Rome.
292/6 refuses invitations to travel to the courts of Macedonia and Egypt.
291/7 unus seeks refuge with Lysimachus after being forced to leave Egypt.
282/9 Demetrius Phalereus sends back gifts to Athens from Egypt.
282/19 The condition of the kingdom of Egypt under Ptolemy.
279/11 The death of Berenice I, queen of Egypt.
276/16 Antiochus returns to Syria to stop an Egyptian invasion.
275/19 Magas invades Egypt, but is soon forced to return home.
275/25 The Gallic mercenaries in Egypt stage a rebellion.
274/21a and Arsinoe visit the Nile Delta, and discuss the defence of Egypt.
273/12 The first Egyptian embassy to Rome.
272/16 and Ariobarzanes defeat an Egyptian force, after which they found
269/3 The foundation of the city of Arsinoe (Cleopatris) in Egypt.
264/18b aeus to both the traditional Egyptian cults and to the cult of his
261/5 Antigonus defeats the Egyptian navy at the battle of Cos.
261/6 Patroclus and the Egyptian fleet do little to help Athens against Ant
258/2 Zenon returns from Syria to Egypt.
258/11a The Rhodians defeat an Egyptian fleet, led by Chremonides, near
258/16 97, an order for the preparation of a comprehensive survey of Egypt.
254/6a cr_85.10, recording the names of a garrison in the Egyptian desert.
250/3 The Egyptian government gives financial support to Aratus.
246/40 Ptolemy leaves Egypt for Syria; his wife Berenice dedicates a lock
246/42 Antigonus defeats the Egyptian fleet at Andros.
245/3 Ptolemy returns to Egypt.
242/3 cus' army is defeated by the Egyptians, and forced to retreat to Anti
242/9 The Egyptians besiege Damascus, but it is relieved by Seleucus.
241/15 a pact with Antiochus Hierax to drive the Egyptians out of Syria.
239/18 Egyptian bean plants start growing spontaneously in part of Thesproti
238/2 OGIS_56, a decree of the Egyptian priests at Canopus in honour of Pto
231/2 philosopher Sphaerus goes to Egypt at the request of king Ptolemy.
226/9b ucus brings a statue of Isis from Egypt, and displays it in Antioch.
224/10 Cleomenes sends his mother as a hostage to Egypt.
223/6a tolemaeus sends his son Magas to lead Egyptian forces in Asia Minor.
221/5 OGIS_726, the dedication of two Jewish synagogues in Egypt.
221/25 The Egyptian army holds a defensive position against Antiochus at Ger
220/9 plots against Theodotus of Aetolia, the Egyptian general in Syria.
219/5 ntertainment at a banquet in Egypt, because he is thinking of his hom
219/35 The Egyptians prepare their army for war against Antiochus.
218/18 Antiochus defeats the Egyptian general Nicolaus near Sidon.
217/19 The Egyptian army advances to meet Antiochus.
217/21 The Egyptian army defeats Antiochus at Raphia.
217/36 between Antiochus and the Egyptians; the end of the Fourth Syrian
217/46a Austin_276, a decree of the Egyptian priests in honour of Ptolemy
216/21 uses elephants to attack the Egyptian Jews, but the Jews are miraculo
211/11 Archimedes visits Egypt and invents "Archimedes' Screw".
210/22 send an embassy to Syphax in Numidia, and to Ptolemy in Egypt.
209/15 dedication by Lucius, the Roman commander of an Egyptian garrison.
202/1 Unrest in Egypt and its overseas territories caused by the ascendancy
200/5 The Egyptian general Scopas invades Palestine.
200/16 Antiochus defeats the Egyptians at Panium.
199/15a OGIS_758, graffiti written during the siege of Abydos in Egypt.
195/6 Syria and Egypt agree peace terms; the end of the Fifth Syrian War.
187/19 Renewal of the treaty between the Achaean League and Egypt.
186/9a and captures Ankhwennefer, the leader of the native Egyptian rebels.
186/9b an inscription celebrating the end of the rebellion in Upper Egypt.
185/9 ders surrender to Ptolemy V; end of the Egyptian natives' revolt.
185/9 rrender to Ptolemy V; end of the native rebellion in Lower Egypt.
184/9a Inscr_19, a decree of Egyptian priests granting honours to Ptolemaeu
184/1a Aristonicus defeats the remaining rebels in Lower Egypt.
172/7 ollonius as his representative to a coronation celebration in Egypt.
170/28 Antiochus learns of Egyptian plans for a war against him.
169/16 Antiochus defeats the Egyptians near Pelusium.
169/22 omenae, and the Achaeans, in order to justify his invasion of Egypt.
169/29a zens of Babylon celebrate the news of Antiochus' victories in Egypt.
168/6 embassy from Egypt asks the Achaean assembly for support against
168/8 Antiochus IV invades Egypt for a second time.
168/8a 40A, describing fighting in Egypt during the invasion by Antiochus.
168/39 hus near Alexandria, and promptly orders him to withdraw from Egypt.
168/40 carries back a large quantity of loot from his invasions of Egypt.
168/46 Hor claiming that he foretold the retreat of Antiochus from Egypt.
168/56 The Egyptians set free Menalcidas of Lacedaemon, at the request of
164/5 Ptolemy VI is expelled from Egypt by his brother.
163/2 lemaeus VI goes to Rome to get support for his restoration to Egypt.
163/14 Ptolemy VI is restored to the throne of Egypt.
162/9 Jewish high priest, goes to Egypt and builds a new temple at Leontop
158/5 written on parchment when the Egyptians ban the export of papyrus.
145/19 Ptolemy' army returns to Egypt, and Demetrius II gains control of
144/5a The Egyptian garrison is withdrawn from Itanus.
143/5 The Jews of Jerusalem appeal for help to the Jews of Egypt.
142/10b OGIS_130, a dedication to Egyptian/Greek gods by an association
139/3 Scipio visits Egypt, where his companions privately express their con
138/10 gathers together exiles from Egypt and starts a revolt against Ptolem
131/10 Cleopatra gains control of Egypt, and Ptolemy escapes to Cyprus,
128/1 Demetrius attempts to invade Egypt.
124/6 a letter to the Jews in Egypt, preserved at the start of the sec
116/4 The first voyage of Eudoxus, sailing from Egypt to India.
116/7a Oracle", in which a native Egyptian describes a friendly ruler
116/12 Cleopatra is forced to accept her elder son as king of Egypt.
113/10 Cyzicenus marries Cleopatra of Egypt and attacks Antiochus Grypus.
102/2 Ptolemy Lathyrus attempts to invade Egypt, but is repulsed.
102/13 alliance between Alexander Jannaeus and Cleopatra, queen of Egypt.
88/19 expelled in a popular uprising, and Ptolemy IX returns to Egypt.
88/43 surrender Alexander, the son of the Egyptian king, to Mithridates.
87/11 Alexander allegedly draws up a will bequeathing Egypt to the Romans.
86/12 Lucullus sets sail for Egypt, to try to collect warships for Sulla.
81/71 Soter; his daughter Cleopatra Berenice takes over as ruler of Egypt.
80/6 Sulla sends Ptolemy XI Alexander to be king of Egypt.
80/7 Sulla sends Ptolemy XI Alexander to be king of Egypt.
75/41 gnised as king of Syria, and also lays claim to the throne of Egypt.
75/44 L.Philippus claims that the Romans have a legal right to rule Egypt.
69/30 The birth of Cleopatra, queen of Egypt.
66/3b 12, recording the repair of a watering-place in the Egyptian desert.
65/19 us, as censor, proposes that Egypt should be turned into a Roman prov
64/34 ceives envoys from the Syrians, Egyptians and Aristobulus of Judaea.
63/37 account of the vast wealth of Ptolemy, king of Egypt, at this time.
59/14 rus starts the research for his history, by making a visit to Egypt.
58/42 ing at Alexandria, and his daughter Berenice becomes queen of Egypt.
58/51 ing at Alexandria, and his daughter Berenice becomes queen of Egypt.
57/11 Rome, in order to seek support for his restoration as king of Egypt.
57/40 moned to be the consort of Berenice, but dies before reaching Egypt.
57/41 ents Philippus from going to Egypt; regarded by some as the end of
56/1 her, the Romans do not agree to restore Ptolemy as king of Egypt.
55/4 authorising Gabinius to assist Ptolemy' return to Egypt by force.
55/10 Gabinius invades Egypt, defeats Archelaus and reinstates Ptolemy
55/12 Gabinius leaves behind Roman soldiers in Egypt.
55/13 in charge of the financial affairs of Egypt, as dioecetes.
55/19 demand that Gabinius should be prosecuted for his invasion of Egypt.
54/24 M.Antonius goes from Egypt to join Caesar in Gaul.
54/41 cuted for illegally invading Egypt, but he is acquitted through bribe
50/14 The sons of M.Bibulus are murdered in Egypt.
49/55 Cleopatra is driven out of Egypt by her brother Ptolemy.
48/45 mpeius decides to sail on to Egypt, to seek refuge with king Ptolemae
48/59 killed, by order of the Egyptian government, as he attempts
48/74 Achillas leads the Egyptian army into Alexandria, to fight against
47/3 lled by Arsinoe, who puts Ganymedes in command of the Egyptian army.
47/4 The Egyptians attempt to cut off Caesar's water supply.
47/10 esar releases Ptolemy, who immediately joins the Egyptian forces.
47/11 Ti.Claudius Nero defeats the Egyptians near Canopus, despite the deat
47/19 establishes Cleopatra and Ptolemy XIV as joint rulers of Egypt.
46/59 four triumphs on separate days, over Gaul, Egypt, Pontus and Africa.
44/105 son of Cleopatra, is offically recognised as joint king of Egypt.
44/60 Cleopatra leaves Rome and returns to Egypt.
43/25 ver all the legions in Syria, together with four legions from Egypt.
40/2 Antonius spends the winter with Cleopatra in Egypt.
40/9 Antonius sails from Egypt to Asia Minor, and then to Greece, where
34/7 Cleopatra visits Herodes on her way back from Syria to Egypt.
32/15 Geminius fails to persuade Antonius to send Cleopatra back to Egypt.
31/31 and Cleopatra arrive back in Egypt, but are deserted by their remaini
30/27 The Egyptian kings send expeditions to explore remote territories.
30/28 The Egyptian kings keep unusual animals.
30/30 Egypt, the reign of Augustus starts after the death of Cleopatra.
30/34 Egypt is established as a Roman province, with Cornelius Gallus as
30/37 Herodes meets Octavianus in Egypt.

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