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  Drepana   - a town on the west coast of Sicily
Wikipedia entry     ☆ DARE (map)
259/17 amarina and Enna, and transfers the inhabitants of Eryx to Drepana.
254/12 The Romans besiege Drepana.
250/17 Hannibal sails from Lilybaeum to Drepana.
249/10 fleet under P.Claudius at Drepana, after Claudius had thrown the
242/5 Lutatius besieges Drepana.
    Within translations:
Naev:Pun_36   the defeat of P. Claudius at Drepana in 249 B.C. No frag
Oros_4.10   battle at the city of Drepana. While fighting in the front
Schol:Bob_90   Carthaginian fleet at Drepana despite adverse omens,

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