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  Didyma   - a place on the coast of Ionia, with a famous temple of Apollo
Wikipedia entry
  + Didymaean , Didymeus
298/10 OGIS_213, an inscription at Didyma in honour of Antiochus son of Sele
287/5 of Seleucus to the city of Miletus, about a dedication at Didyma.
276/9b nscr_51, a list of the surviving treasures in the temple at Didyma.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_13.21   belief; and Apollo of Didyma ** must be a sufficient
Athen_11.477   ritual of the Zeus of Didyma they offer libations with leaves
OGIS_213   (c. 300/299)   n about the temple at Didyma, he considers it r
Plin:HN_5.112   called the oracle of the Branchidae, now that of Didymaean Apollo,
Plin:HN_34.75   Apollo, surnamed Philesius, at Didyma, made of bronze compounded
RC_5   sent to the sanctuary of Didymaean Apollo, as offer
RC_22   (c. 246)   tuary there of Apollo Didymeus and because of kin
Syll_588   (190-180)   r [by Apollo of Didyma and] all the other gods and
Syll_590   (c. 210-200)   tivals and games at Didyma in honour of Apollo of
Syll_633   (c. 180)   urse to the oracle at Didyma concerning these matt
THI_121   (215/4)   Hestia and to Apollo Didymeus; therefore, so that t
THI_122   (c. 183-150) Greek cities, with Apollo of Didyma as their guide in the

  Didyma   - in documents
SelPap_1.16 (13)   . . ., and from Didyma daughter of Apollonius, Pers
SelPap_2.314 Papus, her mother being Didyma daughter of Hermas,

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