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  Dentatus   (M'. Curius Dentatus) - Roman consul, 290 B.C.
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290/_ Consuls: M'. Curius M'.f. Dentatus, P. Cornelius Cn.f. Rufinus
290/7 Curius defeats the Samnites.
290/10 The triumph of Curius, over the Samnites.
290/11 Curius defeats the Sabines.
290/12 The second triumph of Curius, over the Sabines.
290/13 Curius distributes allotments of land to Roman citizens.
284/11 M'.Curius defeats the Senones.
275/_ Consuls: M'. Curius M'.f. Dentatus (II), L. Cornelius Ti.f. Lentulus
275/3 Curius enlists an army to fight against Pyrrhus.
274/_ Consuls: M'. Curius M'.f. Dentatus (III), Ser. Cornelius P.f. Merenda
274/1 The triumph of Curius, over Pyrrhus and the Samnites.
274/20 Samnite envoys unsuccessfully attempt to bribe Curius.
274/23 Curius celebrates an "ovatio" after defeating the Lucanians.
272/30 Curius Dentatus, as censor, organizes the construction of the Aqua
270/25 incorruptible character of Curius, who is content with his small
270/26 The death of Curius Dentatus.
    Within translations:
Athen_10.419   als.   But Manius Curius, the Roman general, lived on tur
Cic:Brut_55   and likewise of M'. Curius (then a tribune of the people)
Cic:Rep_3.6   honour; as for example, Manius Curius,
Cic:Rep_3.40   the wealth of Pyrrhus, and Curius of the riches of the
Cic:Tusc_1.110   fame be before it deserts Curius, and Fabricius, and Calatinus, and
Ennius:Ann_209   (270) of Manius Curius Dentatus : CICERO : From such a
FastCap_p52   [275] & M'. Curius M'.f. M'.n. Dentatus II , L. Cornelius
FastTr_p98   (17th February) 275/4 & M'. Curius M'.f. M'.n. Dentatus
Malal_208   killed by a woman. Curius the consul of the Romans fought
Oros_3.22   The next year the consul Curius 290 B.C. waged a war
Oros_4.2   In the meantime the consul Curius 275 B.C. intercepted Pyrrhus as
Plin:HN_7.68   who received the surname Dentatus in consequence, and Gnaeus
Plin:HN_7.166   who was consul with Manius Curius, lost his sight while asleep,
Plut:Mor_194   some blamed M'. Curius for distributing but a small par
Schol:Bob_80   Tusculum; also Manius Curius, who triumphed over the
ValMax_4.3.5   [3.5]   M'. Curius, a most upright specimen of
ValMax_4.3.7   Catus, was the disciple of Curius and Fabricius. When he was
ValMax_6.3.4   example was imitated by M'. Curius the consul. When he was

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