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  Deiotarus   - tetrarch of Galatia, 1st century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
73/20 Deiotarus defeats the army of Mithridates in Phrygia.
64/16 ories to neighbouring kings: Deiotarus in Armenia Minor, Ariobarzanes
57/59 Deiotarus expands his power, and dominates the other tetrarchs of Gal
48/46 Deiotarus leaves Pompeius, and returns home to Galatia.
47/34 Caesar meets Deiotarus, and allows him to retain his status as a tetr
46/18 Deiotarus hears rumours that Caesar has suffered setbacks in Africa.
45/60 Cic:Deiot_, Cicero's speech in defence of king Deiotarus.
43/129 Deiotarus kills his son-in-law Castor.
40/38 Deiotarus is eager to have sons, but then kills most of them.
40/39 The death of Deiotarus, king of Galatia.
31/21 Q.Dellius, Amyntas, Deiotarus and others desert Antonius.
Cicero,- CICERO, Oratio pro Rege Deiotaro
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_21   rving, that the cause of Deiotarus, a most excellent sover
Festus:Brev_11   peace. Afterward, Deiotarus the Tetrarch controlled Galat
Malal_221   ter the defeating the tetrarch Deiotarus. He built a wall
Malal_222   lia, which been ruled by Deiotarus, and sent a general cal
Oros_6.2   came to the king's camp. Deiotarus, the king of the Gallograeci,
THI_8   the son of king Deiotarus Philoromaeus, tetrarch of the Galat
ValMax_1.4e.2   [4e.2]   King Deiotarus, who almost always acted in

  Deiotarus 2   - (?) grandson of Deiotarus the tetrarch
43/130 EhrJon_174, the epitaph of Deiotarus (?) Philopator.

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