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  Damoteles   - a magistrate at Rhodes, 304 B.C.
304/9 Demetrius, during which the Rhodian magistrate Damoteles is killed.

  Damoteles 2   - an officer of Cleomenes at the battle of Sellasia
Phylarch_59 Cleom_28 & &# The treachery of Damoteles at the battle of
Plut:Cleom_28 therefore called Damoteles, whose business it was to gua

  Damoteles   - in documents
Lucill_11.81 out insensible. Damoteles, my father, and my fellow-tow
Syll_331 (after 306)   t;, Dameas the son of Damoteles was secretary of
Syll_499 (soon after 230)   : Aetolians: Physkos, Damoteles, Phalausias, Dikaia
THI_126 (230-210)   th Lysidamos son of Damoteles, in accordance with t

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