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  Damascus   - a city in Syria
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  + Damascenes
271/6 Antiochus recovers Damascus from the garrison of Ptolemy.
242/9 The Egyptians besiege Damascus, but it is relieved by Seleucus.
143/3 hteousness", the leader of the Essenes, who is in exile at Damascus.
126/8 Alexander Zabinas defeats Demetrius near Damascus.
86/37 Antiochus Dionysius is proclaimed king at Damascus.
85/20 Milesius, the governor of Damascus, repels an attack by Philippus.
84/22 Aretas gains control of Damascus.
64/4 Lollius and Metellus capture Damascus.
64/43 The birth of Nicolaus of Damascus.
63/9 Pompeius marches to Damascus, establishing Roman control over Tripoli
63/14 Pompeius receives envoys from Hyrcanus and Aristobulus at Damascus.
46/99 Nicolaus of Damascus is given a thorough education by his father Anti
34/22 The death of Antipater, the father of Nicolaus of Damascus.
    Within translations:
1Macc_11   through the country as far as Damascus. 63 Then Jonatha
1Macc_12   broke camp and went to Damascus, and marched through all
AET_6.13.A   Ptolemais. The king went to Damascus. He left one company of
Apollod:Fr_79   Cappadocian, Nicolaus of Damascus, Timagenes, Castor the
Arrian:Fr_9   from Babylon by way of Damascus to Ptolemy the son
Athen_1.28   eidonius says is made in Damascus of Syria, from vines whi
Athen_4.153   But Nicolaus of Damascus, one of the philosophers of
Athen_6.249   ury." &# But Nicolaus of Damascus,- and he was one of the
Athen_8.332   sound." And Nicolaus of Damascus, in the hundred and four
Athen_13.593   the kingdom, as Nicolaus of Damascus tells us. &# And
Athen_13.607   narch after he had taken Damascus, and after he had become
Athen_14.652   and because Nicolaus of Damascus, who was his friend, was
Athen_15.682   wolf lykos And Nicolaus of Damascus, in the hundred and eighth
ChronSynt_94   der [Ben-Hadad], king of Damascus, attacked Samaria with
Diod_40.2   ompeius was staying near Damascus in Syria, he was approac
Euseb]:Chron_251   Syria, but his siege of Damascus and Orthosia was stopped
Euseb]:Chron_257   defeated in a battle at Damascus, and fled to Tyre, but
Joseph:AJ_12.126   patronage of Nicolaus of Damascus; for Agrippa gave senten
Joseph:AJ_13.153   ver all the country, as far as Damascus. [154] But when
Joseph:AJ_13.179   captives, and came to Damascus, and there sold off what
Joseph:AJ_13.250   ns; of which Nicolaus of Damascus is a witness for us; who
Joseph:AJ_13.347   Strabo and Nicolaus [of Damascus] affirm, that they used
Joseph:AJ_13.370   Cnidus, and made him king of Damascus. [371] Both these
Joseph:AJ_13.387-389 *   dominion, and carne to Damascus, and got the power into
Joseph:AJ_13.392   nment by those that held Damascus, by reason of the hatred
Joseph:AJ_13.418   stobulus with an army to Damascus against Ptolemy, who
Joseph:AJ_14.9   true that Nicolaus of Damascus says, that Antipater was
Joseph:AJ_14.29   when Scaurus was come to Damascus, and found that Lollius
Joseph:AJ_14.33   caurus returned to Damascus again; and Aristobulus, with
Joseph:AJ_14.34   terward Pompeius came to Damascus, and marched over Coele
Joseph:AJ_14.38   ched into the country of Damascus; and as he went along
Joseph:AJ_14.40   he came from Pella to Damascus; [41] and there it was
Joseph:AJ_14.48   xiliaries that came from Damascus, and the other parts of
Joseph:AJ_14.68   Strabo and Nicolaus [of Damascus]; and besides these two,
Joseph:AJ_14.104   Now Nicolaus of Damascus, and Strabo of Cappadocia, bot
Joseph:AJ_14.178   So he retired to Damascus, as though he fled from the
Joseph:AJ_14.295   Fabius, the prefect of Damascus, and was desirous to run
Joseph:AJ_15.96   and came to Apameia and Damascus, and passed on to Judaea,
Joseph:AJ_15.344   the country of the Damascenes, while Zenodorus did not
Joseph:BJ_1.103   was that the people of Damascus, out of their hatred to
Joseph:BJ_1.115   dra sent out her army to Damascus, under pretence that Pto
Joseph:BJ_1.127-131 *   anes; so Scaurus came to Damascus, which had been lately
Joseph:BJ_1.212   retired to Sextus, to Damascus, and got every thing rea
Joseph:BJ_1.236   Fabius, the governor of Damascus, and as he was going to
Joseph:BJ_1.362   she came by Apameia and Damascus into Judaea and there
Joseph:BJ_1.398   Trachonitis among the Damascenes; who thereupon had rec
Joseph:BJ_1.399   robbers that had come against Damascus. He also made him
Joseph:BJ_1.422   ymnasia at Tripolis, and Damascus, and Ptolemais; he built
Just_36.2   gin of the Jews was from Damascus, a most famous city of
NicDam_T2   red [T2] Sophronius of Damascus, writing in the seventh
NicDam_129.36   history of Nicolaus of Damascus and of the life of the
NicDam_130.139   history of Nicolaus of Damascus ]
NicDam_137   called by the name of his home city [Damascus]. He
Plin:HN_5.66   and the more inland part Damascena, and that still further south
Plin:HN_5.74   list; most however include Damascus, with its fertile water-meadows
Plin:HN_5.88   and 27 miles less from Damascus.
Plin:HN_5.89   is half as far as Damascus is from Petra. Quite near
Plin:HN_36.61   Thebes in Egypt and of Damascus in Syria. The latter variety
Plin:HN_37.143   Alabastrum in Egypt and at Damascus in Syria, is a white
Polyaen_4.15.1   strong garrison defended Damascus against Antiochus so abl
Poseidon_68   nian wine, which is grown near Damascus. [69] [278.K] &

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