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  Cosconius 2   (M. Cosconius) - Roman praetor, 135 B.C.
135/5 The praetor M.Cosconius defeats the Scordisci.

  Cosconius 3   (C. Cosconius) - Roman praetor, 89 B.C.
89/22 Cosconius defeats the Samnites under Trebatius near Canusium.
77/22 Cosconius defeats the Illyrians and captures Salonae.
77/23 Bulbus attempts to stir up unrest in Cosconius' army.
    Within translations:
Diod_37.2   often worsted by Gaius Cosconius, who was sent as genera
Oros_5.23   Isauricus. 23 The proconsul Cosconius was awarded Illyricum. Two

  Cosconius 4   (C. Cosconius Calidianus) - a Roman orator of little merit
Cic:Brut_242 ust also notice C. Cosconius Calidianus, who, without any

  Cosconius 5   (C. Cosconius) - Roman praetor, 63 B.C.
62/38 P.Vatinius serves under C.Cosconius in Spain.

  Cosconius 6   (C. Cosconius) - tribune of the plebs, 59 B.C.
DPRR record

  Cosconius   - in documents
CIL_1.2689 Philinus, slave of Gaius Cosconius Philocles, slave of

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