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  Coroneia   - a city in Boeotia, Greece
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Euseb]:Chron_195   732 B.C.] - Oxythemis of Coroneia, stadion race 13th [728
Nepos_17.4   attempted to stop him at Coronea; but he defeated them all
Polyaen_2.1.3   laus brought his army to Coroneia, a messenger arrived wit
Polyaen_2.1.5   us, after his victory at Coroneia, was told that the Athen
SEG_57.443   (  mid 2nd century) e [councillors and people] of Koroneia to praise [the poet] Zoti
Syll_366   (c. 292)   temple of Athena at Koroneia, and jointly at Del
Syll_519   (c. 222/1)   lichos Apollodoros of Koroneia, the son of Asklepio
Syll_585   (197-175)   0] Olympichos of Koroneia, the son of Eum
Syll_653   (c. 165)   s founder the city of Koroneia [in] Boeotia, with a

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