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  Cornelia   - the mother of Ti. and C. Gracchus, 2nd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
187/13 Gracchus marries Cornelia.
148/31 Cornelia bears twelve children to Ti.Gracchus, alternating between
148/34 saying of Cornelia about her young children, Ti. and C.Gracchus.
138/22 Cornelia educates her sons carefully, and employs eminent teachers
132/1 Cornelia, the mother of the Gracchi, retires to Misenum.
123/2 magistrates, but withdraws it at the request of his mother Cornelia.
121/11 Cornelia reacts stoically to the death of her sons, and a statue
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_104   instructed by his mother Cornelia from his very childhood,
Cic:Brut_211   all read the letters of Cornelia, the mother of the Gracc
Nepos:Fr_1   Extract from a letter of Cornelia, mother of the Gracchi, from
Oros_5.12   the town of Misenum. This Cornelia, the daughter of the greater
Plin:HN_7.122   said he, "kill my snake: Cornelia is young and still able
ValMax_004.   staying at the house of Cornelia, the mother of the Gracchi,
ValMax_4.2.3   there also espoused his daughter Cornelia to him.
ValMax_4.6.1   I cannot determine whether Cornelia was more happy that
ValMax_6.7.1   Africanus and the mother of Cornelia who was mother of the

  Cornelia 2   - the wife of Julius Caesar, married in 84 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
84/8 Caesar marries Cornelia, daughter of Cinna.
67/42 C.Caesar marries Pompeia, after the death of Cornelia.

  Cornelia 3   - Vestal Virgin, put to death by Domitian
Plinius:Ep_4.11 set upon burying alive Cornelia, the chief of the Vestal

  Cornelia 4   - the wife of Pompeius, married in 52 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
52/19 Pompeius marries Cornelia, the daughter of Metellus Scipio.
48/18 Cornelia is sent by Pompeius to stay in Lesbos, until the fighting
48/44 Pompeius goes to meet his wife Cornelia, on the island of Lesbos.
Syll_758   (49/8) The people honoured Cornelia, daughter of Quintus Metellus Pius

  Cornelia 5   - the sister of the dictator Sulla
78/4a _1.2646, a dedication by Sulla in the name of his sister Cornelia

  Cornelia 6   - the daughter of the dictator Sulla
Wikipedia entry
ValMax_4.2.7   trial, but when his mother Cornelia would not restore to him

  Cornelia   - in documents
CIL_6.10043 InscrIt_13.3.72 ) Cornelia Made by Tisicr
CIL_1.16 Scipio Hispanus ? Paula Cornelia, daughter of Gnaeus,
CIL_1.1638 Text Cornelius Diphilus and Cornelia. Pompeii. E
CIL_1.573 Caress me. Property of Lucia Cornelia, daughter of L
CIL_1.978 Titus Cornelius, freedman of Cornelia. CIL_1 .980 L

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