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  Corinth   - a city near the isthmus of the Peloponnese, Greece
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  + Corinthian , Corinthians
308/_ egea (( called Andromenes of Corinth by Eusebius - but see 304 B.C.
308/15 sails to Greece and captures Corinth, but leaves again after coming
304/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Andromenes of Corinth
303/14 Demetrius captures Corinth, and then Bura, Scyrus, Orchomenus, and
285/2 trius is advised not to build a canal across the Corinthian Isthmus.
250/9 Craterus, governor of Corinth, remains loyal to his half-brother Anti
245/12 Antigonus tricks Nicaea and recaptures Corinth.
243/11 nus' garrison, which is commanded by Persaeus, and captures Corinth.
234/4 ing Megarian arbitration in a dispute between Epidaurus and Corinth.
228/6 send envoys to Athens and Corinth, and they are allowed to partici
226/2a with Antigonus, because it would involve the surrender of Corinth.
225/15 The inhabitants of Corinth transfer their allegiance to Cleomenes.
224/4 reement with Antigonus, after promising to hand over Corinth to him.
224/7 Antigonus advances to the Isthmus of Corinth.
220/36 pus and his allies meet near Corinth and declare war on the Aetolians
197/18 The Achaeans defeats Philippus's general Androsthenes near Corinth.
195/3 conference of Roman allies at Corinth decides on war against Nabis.
194/2 the Greeks at a congress at Corinth, and announces the withdrawal
147/4 Philinus of Corinth is put to death by Diaeus.
147/10 Ptolemy VIII visits Corinth.
147/11 tes, address the Achaeans at Corinth, and are allegedly assaulted the
146/29 The Romans capture Corinth.
146/32 Corinth, allegedly causing "Corinthian bronze" to be formed: the
142/12 ings, brought back from the sack of Corinth, to the cities of Italy.
102/31 CIL_2662, the Roman fleet crosses the isthmus of Corinth.
44/3 Caesar founds a Roman colony on the site of Corinth.
31/11 Agrippa seizes Leucas, Patrae and Corinth.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_2.6   ormer with the people of Corinth (with whom the Lesbians
Aelian:NA_15.9   fish that lives in the sea of Corinth. Now this stretch
AnthPal_6.135   Pheidolas from spacious Corinth is dedicated to Zeus in
AnthPal_7.297   Priam. * & Mummius, who sacked Corinth 146 B.C. [298] Anon
AnthPal_7.354   dding. To them the Corinthian land ever sends peace-offeri
AnthPal_12.129   rgos, and the columns of Corinth and tombstones of Megara
AntipSid_7.81   ans of admirable Prudence. * & Corinth. [7.146] & { G-P
AntipSid_7.218   the citizen of sea-girt Corinth, brighter than the white
AntipSid_7.745   nged your death in the land of Corinth. O you race of robb
AntipSid_9.151   celebrated beauty, Doric Corinth ? Where are the battlemen
AntipThes_7.493   Ares burnt the city of Corinth our country, chose a brav
Arrian:Fr_9   15 Dinarchus of Corinth was the accuser of Demades, who
Arrian:Fr_14   uch as the career of the Corinthian Timoleon in Sicily,
Athen_2.43   says that as you go to Corinth through the district call
Athen_4.128   in a brazen platter of Corinthian workmanship, of the
Athen_4.162   tes, with the citadel of Corinth by Antigonus, got drunk
Athen_4.167   also was Aethiops the Corinthian, as Demetrius of Sceps
Athen_4.168   Agatharchides the Corinthian, in the twenty-eighth book
Athen_5.199   our measures; and two of Corinthian workmanship placed on
Athen_5.201   And the city of Corinth had a large image there, standi
Athen_5.205   but the capitals were of Corinthian workmanship, adorned
Athen_5.206   appointed Archias the Corinthian the superintendent of
Athen_6.236   es, & Nor do I criticise Corinthian chasings, & But keep
Athen_6.241   But Machon was either a Corinthian or Sicyonian by birth,
Athen_6.272   aid that the city of the Corinthians was so flourishing
Athen_7.281   valry & Go to a feast at Corinth, for ten days, & Crowned
Athen_8.349-351 *   staying & Some time at Corinth; when an aged woman & One
Athen_10.438   says that Nicoteles the Corinthian was a man greatly addi
Athen_12.525   long robes called kalasireis of Corinthian workmanship ; and some of
Athen_12.527   devoting themselves to Corinthian mistresses; nor do you
Athen_12.535   the mother of Lais the Corinthian, and Theodote, who was an
Athen_13.567   Cercopes:- & I came to Corinth; there I ate with pleasur
Athen_13.570   lines: & (A) & You know Corinthian Lais? & (B) & To be
Athen_13.573   nning with the beautiful Corinth, since you have reproache
Athen_13.574   Ornament of the wealthy Corinth, & Bearing in willing han
Athen_13.581   Andronicus came & From Corinth back again, and heard the
Athen_13.582   They say that Lais the Corinthian, & Once when she saw
Athen_13.585   ent his seal to Lais the Corinthian, and desired her to
Athen_13.588   which place she came to Corinth, having been made a priso
Athen_13.589   they by birth are all Corinthians: & This one is Lais,
Athen_14.613   comic poet says in his Corinthians- & If all the men who
Athen_14.632   esides them Periander of Corinth, an elegiac poet, and the
Athen_15.678   the Hellotia is celebrated in Corinth.
Athen_15.681   and by others ion The Corinthians also call this flower ambrosia
Athen_15.696   too, addressed to Agemon of Corinth the father of Alcyone, which
Bianor_9.308   it landed on the Isthmus of Corinth. Had the sea, then,
Cic:Brut_50   heard of an Argive, a Corinthian, or a Theban orator
Cic:DeOr_2.262   elder Scipio said to the Corinthians, who offered to put up
Cic:Rep_2.7   final overthrow of Carthage and Corinth, ** though they had long
Cic:Rep_2.34   that a certain Demaratus of Corinth, easily pre-eminent in his own
Cic:Rep_2.36   it. I understand that the Corinthians also were given to the
Cic:Tusc_1.21   some learned disputants, held at Corinth, which he details to us
Cic:Tusc_2.32   though part of your Corinthian furniture were gone, the
Cic:Tusc_3.27   country taught a school at Corinth; so incapable was he of
Cic:Tusc_3.53   the ruined walls of Corinth, than the Corinthians themselves
Cic:Tusc_5.109   tyrant Cypselus, fled from Corinth to Tarquinii, settled there,
CIL_1.626   command Achaia was taken, and Corinth laid waste. He
CIL_1.630   gave this on the capture of Corinth to the country-
Crinag_9.284   amity to Greece ! Would, Corinth, you did lie lower than
Demetr:Eloc_72   lonised from Corcyra; of Corinth, however, was its founder
Demetr:Eloc_102   message 'Dionysius at Corinth' addressed to Philip, and
Demetr:Eloc_241   Philip: `Dionysius at Corinth.' If they had expanded
DiogLaert_7.38   of Thebes; Callippus of Corinth; Poseidonius of Alexandri
DionHal:Din_2   was the son of Sostratus and Corinthian in family. Arriv
DionHal:Din_3   rchus, son of Sostratus, Corinthian, bring suit against
Euseb]:Chron_5   kings of Lacedaemon and Corinth; [ p225 ] and lastly, tho
Euseb]:Chron_171   monians The kings of the Corinthians Who ruled the sea,
Euseb]:Chron_195   [728 B.C.] - Diocles of Corinth, stadion race 14th [724
Euseb]:Chron_203-207 *   [464 B.C.] - Xenophon of Corinth, stadion race 80th [460
Euseb]:Chron_219   ists of the kings of the Corinthians, kings of the Spartan
Euseb]:Chron_221   The kings of the Corinthians are as follows: Aletes -
Festus:Brev_7   been done violence at Corinth, after Corinth had been
FGrH_255.4   power and sailed off to Corinth, where he survived as a
Just_5.10   the Thebans and Corinthians sent ambassadors to the Lac
Just_9.5   states to be summoned to Corinth, to settle the condition
Just_11.2   the states to meet at Corinth, he was appointed general
Just_13.5   ught over Sicyon, Argos, Corinth, and other states, to the
Just_34.1   cities to meet them at Corinth, read to them the decree
Just_34.2   nemy. The city of Corinth itself was razed to the ground,
Just_38.6   ines; or exiles from the Corinthians, or servants and slav
Nepos_10.4   in which to sail to Corinth, explaining that he did so
Nepos_10.5     After Dion arrived in Corinth, he found that Heraclides also
Nepos_11.2   Athenians, to his throne. At Corinth ** such was the strictness
Nepos_17.5   the entire war centred about Corinth and hence was known as
Nepos_20.1   [1]   Timoleon, the Corinthian. Without doubt this man has
Nepos_20.2   His opponents sought aid from Corinth and asked for a leader
Nepos_20.3   then summoned settlers from Corinth, because in the beginning
Oros_3.23   themselves with Sicyon, Argos, Corinth, and other states. They
Oros_5.3   B.C. the overthrow of Corinth followed the destruction of
Philip_16.52   oak of Pergamon, by Delphi, Corinth, Elis, & Argos,
Philoch_131-133 *   except for the Boeotians, the Corinthians and the Eleans.
Philoch_150   ION & Mercenary force at Corinth: [Mentioned by] Demosthen
Plinius:Ep_3.1   hioned; he also has some Corinthian vases in use, for whic
Plinius:Ep_3.6   for I have just bought a Corinthian bronze, small it is
Plut:Agis_3   eus being slain at Corinth, the crown descended to his son
Plut:Agis_15   gis had joined Aratus at Corinth, in the deliberations abo
Plut:Arat_9   it was seen as far as Corinth, and the Corinthians, won
Plut:Arat_29   im, because he then resided at Corinth, which was very nea
Plut:Arat_33   whom he took the citadel of Corinth. He says, it was
Plut:Arat_34   raeus, wrote a letter to Corinth, insisting " That the Ach
Plut:Arat_50   strong as the citadel of Corinth, if it were garrisoned,
Plut:Arat_15-18 *   fice which he offered at Corinth, he sent portions of it
Plut:Arat_22-25 *   from Sicyon. The Corinthians readily opened their gates
Plut:Arat_38-45 *   ons, nor filled the citadel of Corinth with Illyrian and
Plut:Cleom_16-21 *   em, and rescued the citadel of Corinth out of their hands.
Plut:Demetr_15   Ptolemy in Sicyon and Corinth, and offered him a paymen
Plut:Demetr_25   neia, Argos, Sicyon, and Corinth, he set free from their
Plut:Demetr_43   leys in the ports of Peiraeus, Corinth, Chalcis, and Pella
Plut:Demetr_51   friends in Athens and Corinth, desiring them to trust
Plut:Demetr_53   fleet approached Corinth, the urn was seen in a conspicu
Plut:Mor_176   to the ambassadors of Corinth, and they refused them
Plut:Mor_179   his son, Demaratus the Corinthian came to him, and Phili
Plut:Mor_190-193 *   to assault the walls of Corinth, and he saw a hare leap
Plut:Mor_201   precious stones, and the best Corinthian vessels. Since
Plut:Mor_833   ses. And having at Corinth built him a little house, in
Plut:Mor_834   the Corcyraeans against the Corinthians [433 B.C.]. But
Plut:Mor_845   Euboeans, Corcyraeans, Corinthians, Boeotians, and many
Plut:Mor_849-851 *   tipater, who was then at Corinth; where being put upon the
Plut:Phoc_33   lataea and Deinarchus of Corinth, who passed for the frien
Polyaen_1.39.1   which is in the territory of Corinth. There he landed
Polyaen_1.41.2   Archidamus was besieging Corinth, disputes broke out betwe
Polyaen_1.48.3   ice, and as a result the Corinthian war soon broke out,
Polyaen_3.9.28   mmanded the Athenians at Corinth against the Thebans, his
Polyaen_3.9.43   Iphicrates was at Corinth, the Lacedaemonians advanced
Polyaen_3.9.45   When Iphicrates was at Corinth, he learned that the supp
Polyaen_4.6.1   tigonus made himself master of Corinth by the following
Polyaen_4.7.6   lemaeus, and to be steering to Corinth. But in the evening
Polyaen_4.7.8   him. When Corinth was betrayed to Demetrius, he
Polyaen_5.12.1   us the victory; for the Corinthians give a crown of parsl
Polyaen_5.13.2   vessel Ariston, the Corinthian general, after a naval
Polyaen_5.31.1   public business of the Corinthians, Cypselus forbade the
Polyaen_5.32.1   Telesinicus the Corinthian fought against the Athenians
Polyaen_6.5.1   ces. There were at Corinth four brothers, who were Syrians
Polyaen_6.23.1   so: Polybius, 12.6] [23] The Corinthians. The Corinthian
PsCallisth_1.19   nthias the Boeotian, Cimon the Corinthian, and Alexander
PsCallisth_1.25   cedemonians & and of the Corinthians & and the other Greek
PsCallisth_1.47   Alexander went to Corinth and attended there the Isthmian
PsCallisth_2.1   Alexander travelled from Corinth to & Plataea & (?) the
PsCallisth_2.2   demonians, conquered the Corinthians, nay more, who routed
PsCallisth_2.5   you were attacked by the Corinthians, the Macedonians beca
Schol:Bob_95   sa, by lake Maeotis; the Corinthian Gulf overwhelmed Helic
Simonid_6.212   from strangers and citizens of Corinth. [6.213] & { P 27
Simonid_7.250   dge. & * & On the tomb of the Corinthians who fell at Sal
Simonid_7.347   freedom. * & The Corinthian admiral at the battle of Sal
Simonid_9.757   .757] & { P 32a } & Iphion of Corinth & painted this.
Simonid_13.17   with his own hand. * & i.e. a Corinthian. [13.19] & { P
Simonid_13.19   offering of Nicoladas of Corinth, who conquered at Delphi
Simonid_13.26   the lordship of high-towered Corinth. [13.30] & { - }
Syll_1075   (c. 280-250) of the hysplex Philon the Corinthian, owes to the god the
Syll_421   (272-260)   r period shall be one Corinthian stater per day for
Syll_449   (c. 334/3)   stonoös of Corinth, the son of Nikosthenes, co
Syll_560   (c. 207/6)   es of half a mina] of Corinthian silver; and like
Syll_613   (184/3)   ons was Mnasidamos of Corinth, it was resolved by
THI_64   (263-236)   sp;   Chairion of Corinth the son of Neon
THI_192.A   (2nd century) Dionysos, sixty minas of Corinthian silver; and Psylla Hyllis,
THI_192.B   (2nd century) hiring the artists - sixty Corinthian minas each - it was
THI_193.B   (c. 300) the poros stone blocks from Corinth across the sea, the first
THI_61.C   (early 2nd century)   r:   Neileus of Corinth, the son of Ammonios C
ValMax_3.4.2   because he was born at Corinth; to be scorned, because he
ValMax_6.9e.6   teach at a school in Corinth, for his livelihood. And at

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