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  Coele   Syria - the area to the south of Syria, in modern Lebanon
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  + Coele-Syria , Massyas
301/27 zes control of Palestine and Coele Syria, and Seleucus decides not
219/26 Theodotus, the governor of Coele Syria, deserts to Antiochus.
217/35 urth Syrian War, and the devastation which it caused in Coele Syria.
198/9 Antiochus occupies Coele Syria.
64/31 Pompeius organises Coele Syria and Phoenicia as Roman provinces; Arad
47/53 Sex.Caesar appoints Herodes to be governor of Coele Syria.
    Within translations:
1Macc_10 ollonius the governor of Coele Syria, and he assembled a
2Macc_3 at that time was governor of Coele Syria and Phoenicia.
2Macc_4 nestheus and governor of Coele Syria and Phoenicia, was
2Macc_8 lemaeus, the governor of Coele Syria and Phoenicia, for
2Macc_10 and to be chief governor of Coele Syria and Phoenicia.
3Macc_3 the nations inhabiting Coele-Syria and Phoenicia by the
AnthPal_7.534 ght Thasos, trading from Coele Syria - trading, O Cleonicu
Aristeas_13 the whole district of Coele Syria and Phoenicia to a
Diod_33.28 Dionysius the Mede; in Coele Syria there were Sarpedon,
Euseb]:Chron_45 and over the regions of Coele Syria and Phoenicia, had
Euseb]:Chron_259 zicenus remained in control of Coele [Syria]. After the
ExcBarb_33B the part of Syria called Coele, which means Phoenicia He
Joseph:AJ_* 12.129-133 * as the inhabitants of Coele Syria, suffered greatly,
Joseph:AJ_12.154 and yielded up to him Coele Syria, and Samaria, and Jud
Joseph:AJ_12.175 the taxes together, of Coele Syria, and Phoenicia, and
Joseph:AJ_12.288 general of the army of Coele Syria, heard that many had
Joseph:AJ_13.65 ance of God, and that in Coele Syria and Phoenicia, I came
Joseph:AJ_13.88 llonius Daus governor of Coele Syria, who coming to Jamnei
Joseph:AJ_13.149 ery one of the cities of Coele Syria, to forsake Demetrius
Joseph:AJ_13.209 thence, and came into Coele Syria, and falling vehement
Joseph:AJ_13.351 rals, happened to die in Coele Syria, as he was in pursuit
Joseph:AJ_13.355 him at Scythopolis, a city of Coele Syria. [356] So when
Joseph:AJ_13.356 tly made an expedition against Coele Syria. He also took
Joseph:AJ_13.392 him Aretas reigned over Coele Syria, being called to the
Joseph:AJ_14.34 mascus, and marched over Coele Syria; at which time there
Joseph:AJ_14.40 which is on the limit of Coele Syria, he came from Pella
Joseph:AJ_14.74 ook away those cities of Coele Syria which the inhabitants
Joseph:AJ_14.79 Pompeius committed Coele Syria, as far as the river Euphra
Joseph:AJ_14.180 general of the army of Coele Syria, for he sold him that
Joseph:AJ_14.280 general of the forces of Coele Syria, and gave him a fleet
Joseph:BJ_01.103 ernment], and made him king of Coele Syria. This man also
Joseph:BJ_01.155 en, and that belonged to Coele Syria, and made them subjec
Joseph:BJ_01.213 odes was made general of Coele Syria and Samaria by Sextus
Joseph:BJ_1.366 at Canatha, a city of Coele Syria, in vast multitudes,
OGIS_230 (197-187)   os and high priest of Coele Syria and Phoenicia, de
PCairZen_59093 and when we travelled to Massyas we met him in Sidon, and
Porph:Fr_47 be Ptolemy' wife, and gave Coele Syria and Judaea as
Poseidon_66 are discovered on a plain in Coele Syria. [67] [285.K]
SEG_57.1838 (178)   the affairs in Koile Syria and Phoinike stand in

  Coele 2   - an Attic deme
Syll_651 (168/7)   lexidamos of Koilē and the other presidents

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