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  Citium   - a city on the south-east coast of Cyprus
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  + Citiaean , Citiaeans
311/16 Zenon of Citium moves to Athens; he loses his wealth in a shipwreck
291/3 Zenon of Citium sets himself up as an independent teacher of philosop
    Within translations:
AntipSid_16.178   ies great Zenon, dear to Citium, who scaled high Olympus,
Athen_4.162   iption, "Perseus of Citium, the pupil of Zenon",
Athen_4.167   talents, to Pygmalion of Citium, selling him both the fort
Athen_6.251   nce and pupil of Zeno of Citium, was a flatterer of Perseu
Athen_8.345   it. And Zenon of Citium, the founder of the Stoic school
Athen_13.561   ianus said that Zenon of Citium thought that Eros was the
Athen_13.607   statement:- "Zenon of Citium, when once Persaeus at a
Cic:Tusc_5.34   [12.] Though Zenon of Citium, a stranger and an inconsiderable
DiogLaert_7.1   Demeas, and a native of Citium, in Cyprus, which is a Gre
DiogLaert_7.6   heir city. And the Citiaeans, in the district of Sidon,
DiogLaert_7.29   which runs thus & Here Citium's pride, wise Zenon, lies,
DiogLaert_7.31   say that Zenon, pride of Citium, & Died of old age, when
DiogLaert_7.36   rst of all, Persaeus, of Citium, the son of Demetrius, who
DiogLaert_7.39   ic. And Zenon, the Citiaean, was the first who made this
DiogLaert_7.84   nius. For Zenon of Citium, and Cleanthes, have, as being
DiogLaert_7.10-12 *   the son of Mnaseas, the Citiaean, has passed many years
DiogLaert_7.134   ng. And Zenon, the Citiaean, lays down this doctrine in
DiogLaert_7.157   157] But Zenon the Citiaean, and Antipater in his treatise
Ennius:Ann_7   according to Zenon of Citium, that the seed of living
Nepos_5.3   died in the town of Citium. **
OGIS_20   (246-221)   the citadel] and at Kition, and by Boïskos
Plut:Cleom_2   disciples of Zenon of Citium; and it seems that he admi
Plut:Mor_183   & When Zenon of Citium, whom he admired beyond all phil
THI_253   (255/4) 57 in the of the Kitians - when the kanephoros of

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