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  Choiak   - an Egyptian month
AET_5.4   (42)   the New Dionsysus {9 Choiak = 17 December 73 B.
AET_5.4   Ptolemy the New Dionysus {9 Choiak = 17 December 73 B.C.}
ExcBarb_51B   when he was born, 28th Choiac, the shepherds saw a star
PCairZen_59125   arewell. Year 29, Audnaios 14, Choiak 14. Addressed} &
PCairZen_59243   greeting. By 12 Choiak there will be 130 arourai sown
PCairZen_59245   village. Farewell. Year 33, Choiak .. Docketed} & Year
PCairZen_59317   greetings. From the month of Choiak until Mesore is nine
PCairZen_59367   ion from the Treasury. Year 6, Choiak 1. To Sostratos. Whe
SelPap_1.18   Maximus Pius Felix Augustus, Choiak 25. {Signed} We,
SelPap_1.22   ent. The aforesaid consulship, Choiak 24. {Signed} I,
SelPap_1.24   one year reckoned from Choiak 15 of the present 14th
SelPap_1.48   enantius the most illustrious, Choiak 1, 2nd indict
SelPap_1.49   Trajanus Pius Felix Augustus, Choiak 1. {Signed} I, A
SelPap_1.50   Philippi Pii Felices Augusti, Choiak 25. {Signed} I,
SelPap_1.192   presbyter and steward, Choiak 15, 13th indiction, b
SelPap_2.298   Trajanus Hadrianus Augustus, Choiak 2. To his excell
SelPap_2.302   Alexander Pius Felix Augustus, Choiak. {Signed} Prese

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