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  Chares   of Athens - Athenian general, 4th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Athen_12.532   pillaged he says - " Chares the Athenian got sixty talents
DionHal:Din_10   objection against the . . . of Chares: " . . . " 24. Impea
DionHal:Din_12   ion of objection against Chares, concerning the estate of
Nepos_12.3   Thrace, Timotheus in Lesbos, and Chares at Sigeum; it is true
Nepos_13.3   many plots. Against the last-named Chares ** had been sent, but
Nepos_19.2   the orator's secret support against Chares; ** he had also on
Philoch_49   mes under the command of Chares, as well as eight others
Philoch_51   was under the command of Chares." [52] & HARPOCRATION &
Philoch_162   lochorus, who says: "And Chares went off to the meeting
Plut:Arat_16   tyrant's yoke. As Chares, the Athenian general, upon a
Plut:Mor_187   The orators set up Chares as one they thought fit to be
Plut:Mor_188   for refusing to receive Chares into their city, who was
Plut:Mor_848   the sake of a friend of his, Chares, who was commander
Plut:Mor_851   [851] and a third, when Chares and Phocion were commissio
Plut:Phoc_5   Therefore, when Chares the orator observed to the Athen
Plut:Phoc_7   estheus, Leosthenes, and Chares, raised themselves by the
Plut:Phoc_14   hem to give that commission to Chares. Accordingly he sai
Polyaen_3.9.29   gation of Aristophon and Chares, Iphicrates was prosecuted
Polyaen_3.13.1-3 *   so eager to go to war. [13] & Chares. Chares, who suspect
Polyaen_3.13.2   weather was very severe, Chares observed that his men were

  Chares 2   of Lindos - scultor of the 4th century B.C., who designed the Colossus of Rhodes
Wikipedia entry
315/33 Chares learns the art of sculpture as a pupil of Lysippus.
303/5 the construction of the Colossus of Rhodes, designed by Chares.
    Within translations:
Plin:HN_34.41   the at Rhodes made by Chares of Lindus, the pupil of
Simonid_16.82   .82] & { P 58 } & Chares of Lindus made the Colossus of

  Chares 3   of Mytilene - a historian and companion of Alexander the Great
Wikipedia entry
Athen_12.513   at Ecbatana. And Aristocles and Chares say that Susa derives its
Athen_12.514   But Chares of Mitylene, in the fifth
Athen_12.538   the war. [54.] And Chares, in the tenth book of his Histor
Athen_13.575   of their beauty, when Chares of Mitylene, in the tenth
Plut:Phoc_17   ody besides, except Antipater. Chares asserts the same.

  Chares 4   - a river near Argos in the Peloponnese, Greece
Plut:Arat_28 istippus, near the river Chares, and on that occasion he

  Chares   - in documents
AnthPal_7.169 was the bed-fellow of Chares, and sailed with him when
Asclepiad_6.308 here, the comic mask of old Chares, amid the applause
OGIS_196 (32)   Eumenes, Apollonios son of Chares and his son Apell
OGIS_59 (163)   Oino... Axigenes Epikydes Chares Diodoros son of Me
SelPap_2.249 delivered to Claudius Chares, late strategus, other
Syll_424 (256/5 or 254/3)   son of Bouleutes ; Chares of Boeotia, the son of
Syll_600 (201/0)   of . . . . . . Chares son of Apollonios Eunomidas

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