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  Chamaeleon   of Heracleia - a peripatetic philosopher, late 4th century B.C.
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Athen_6.273   account given to us by Chamaeleon of Pontus, in his book
Athen_8.338   ered about fishes; which Chamaeleon of Heracleia has recor
Athen_11.461   this it is plain that Chamaeleon ignores the fact that the
Athen_12.533   [46.]   And Chamaeleon of Pontus, in his essay
Athen_13.573   custom at Corinth (as Chamaeleon of Heracleia relates,
Athen_13.599   of Croesus. But Chamaeleon, in his treatise on Sappho,
Athen_13.600   sic, says - according to Chamaeleon - that Alcman was the
Athen_13.611   the Lacedaemonians, as Chamaeleon says in his book on
Athen_14.620   ius Phalereus. Now Chamaeleon, in his essay on Stesichorus
Athen_14.624   Pythagorean," [624] as Chamaeleon of Pontus relates, ''w
Athen_14.628   in his Preparations (as Chamaeleon quotes the play), spok
Athen_14.656   cerning hares also Chamaeleon says, in his treatise on Sim

  Chamaeleon 2   of Heracleia - an envoy to king Seleucus, 280 B.C.
Memn_7 one of the envoys called Chamaeleon was not frightened by

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