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  Chaeroneia   - a city in Boeotia, central Greece
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  + Chaeroneians
284/6d reement between the cavalry of Orchomenus and Chaeroneia in Boeotia.
245/18 The Aetolians inflict a severe defeat on the Boeotians at Chaeroneia.
87/3 Q.Bruttius Sura(?) holds off Archelaus' attack near Chaeroneia.
87/54 ucullus protects the city of Chaeroneia from reprisals, after the murd
86/29 Sulla defeats Archelaus and destroys his army at Chaeroneia.
    Within translations:
FGrH_255.5   in the famous battle at Chaeroneia, with the help of his
Julian:Mis_359   your ears, of the man of Chaeroneia [ Plutarch ], who belo
Lucian:Macr_23   ilippus in the battle of Chaeroneia, he groaned and uttere
Plin:HN_4.26   Phlygone, Acraephia, Coronea and Chaeronea. On the coast below
Plut:Arat_16   olians in an action near Chaeroneia, in which Aboeocritus
Plut:Mor_177   took prisoners in the fight at Chaeroneia he dismissed wit
Plut:Mor_837-840 *   news of the slaughter at Chaeroneia; for he was the cause
Plut:Mor_845   thers went to the war of Chaeroneia [338 B.C.], where he
Plut:Mor_848-851 *   fairs till the battle of Chaeroneia; as also some of the
Plut:Phoc_16   army you fought with at Chaeroneia is lessened only by
Polyaen_4.7.11   next day Demetrius encamped at Chaeroneia. The proclamation
Polyaen_8.40.1   ght against Philippus at Chaeroneia, and when Philippus cal
SEG_28.461   (287-280)   eilos was commander of the Chaironeians. An agreeme
THI_126   (230-210)   d with Dionysios of Chaironeia the son of Kaphisodo

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