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  Catulus   (C. Lutatius Catulus) - Roman consul, 242 B.C.
  + Lutatius
242/_ Consuls: C. Lutatius C.f. Catulus, A. Postumius A.f. Albinus
242/5 Lutatius besieges Drepana.
241/5 Lutatius destroys the Carthaginian fleet at the battle of Aegates Ins
241/27 The triumph of Lutatius, for his naval victory over the Carthaginians
    Within translations:
FastCap_p56 [242] & C. Lutatius C.f. C.n. Catulus , A. Postumius A.f.
FastTr_p100 Lutatius C.f. C.n. Catulus, proconsul, & naval triumph ove
Naev:Pun_40 ons of C. Lutatius Catulus; victory by sea of Catulus and
Naev:Pun_41 nal peace arranged by Lutatius Catulus and Hamilcar, 241

  Catulus 2   (C. Lutatius Catulus) - suffect consul, 220 B.C.
  + Lutatius
220/24 suffect consuls, Veturius and Lutatius, advance as far as the Alps.
    Within translations:
Cassiod:Chr_534 [534] &   L. Veturius and C. Lutatius. & In the year of

  Catulus 3   (Q. Lutatius Catulus) - Roman consul, 102 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Lutatius
110/12 Catulus delivers a funeral oration in honour of his mother Popilia.
106/16 Cn.Mallius is elected consul, in preference to Q.Catulus.
102/_ Consuls: C. Marius C.f. IV, Q. Lutatius Q.f. Catulus
102/5 Sulla joins Catulus and manages his supplies.
102/20 Catulus retreats from the Alps as the Cimbri advance.
101/6 Marius joins up with the army of Catulus.
101/7 Marius and Catulus destroy the Cimbri at Campi Raudii, near Vercellae
101/18 The triumph of Marius and Catulus.
101/29 Catulus dedicates a temple to Fortuna Huiusce Diei, and uses the boot
87/47 rammarian Lutatius Daphnis is bought and then set free by Q.Catulus.
87/48 remarks on the character of Catulus, and the purity of his Latin dic
87/49 Catulus commits suicide by suffocating himself.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_132 contemporary, Q. Catulus, was an accomplished speaker,
Cic:Brut_133 able curiosities." "This Catulus," said I, "as I have just
Cic:Brut_259 literature. As to Catulus, he was far indeed from being
Cic:Brut_307 ulpicius lost his life; and Q. Catulus, M. Antonius, and
CIL_1.699 In the consulship of Quintus Lutatius and Gaius Mar
CIL_1.700 In the consulship of Quintus Lutatius and Gaius Mar
Diod_38.4 time Quintus Lutatius Catulus, who had celebrated a glo
Hieron:Chron_1916 rated a triumph over them with Catulus. 170th OLYMPIAD [=1
Plinius:Ep_5.3 Lucius Sulla, Quintus Catulus, Quintus Scaevola, Serviu

  Catulus 4   (Q. Lutatius Catulus) - Roman consul, 78 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Lutatius
78/_ Consuls: M. Aemilius Q.f. Lepidus, Q. Lutatius Q.f. Catulus
78/1 The consuls, Lepidus and Catulus, start to quarrel about Lepidus' pla
78/29 Catulus passes a law about civil violence.
78/31 CIL_737, recording the construction of a records office by Catulus.
77/9 Catulus defeats Lepidus in a battle near the Campus Martius, and forc
77/10 Catulus provides a peaceful return to normal life at Rome after Lepid
73/39 called Fabia, but he is acquitted through the influence of Catulus.
69/25 Catulus completes the restoration of the buildings, especially the
65/19 province, but is opposed by his colleague Catulus, and by Cicero.
63/40 Cicero and Catulus both have dreams about the future greatness of Oct
63/59 Catilina sends a letter to Catulus.
63/74 cero is given the title "parens patriae", by either Catulus or Cato.
62/1 Caesar attempts to remove Catulus' power to control building work on
61/25a Catulus has a dream about the future greatness of the young Octavianu
61/26 Praise of the honourable character of Catulus.
61/27 The death of Q.Catulus.
    Within translations:
Cassiod:Chr_685 restored and dedicated by Q. Catulus. [693] &   M. Pup
Cic:Brut_133 in public, [Catulus] lacked neither judgment, nor a neat
Cic:Brut_222 the father, and Q. Catulus, the son;- we must excuse these
CIL_1.588 ship of Quintus Lutatius Catulus son of Quintus, and M
CIL_1.735 of Marcus Lepidus and Quintus Catulus, with (?). Scra
Diod_40.5a her they would command Quintus Catulus to leave Rome. With
Exsuper_35 ivil war against his colleague Catulus, and was defeated.
FastCap_p76 epidus , Q. Lutatius Q.f. Q.n. Catulus [77] & D. Junius
GranLic_35 pons were brought together and Catulus was not slower ...
Plut:Mor_202 CATULUS. Lutatius Catulus in the Cimbrian war lay encampe
Plut:Mor_206 be chief priest against Catulus, a man of great influence
Sall:Hist_1.1 the year when M.Lepidus and Q.Catulus were consuls [78
Sall:Hist_1.67 ers I followed the standard of Catulus. But those who laud
Sall:Hist_3.34 bles were ended; up rose Catulus, a tyrant far crueller

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